Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades

Simple theme and plugin upgrades

Simple Topic and Plugin Upgrades ==== Contributors: chrisjean Tags: Upload, Plugins, Topics, Upgrade Minimum required: You can use a managed WordPress host to easily access a staging environment. Install updates with simple theme and plug-in upgrades In case you decide not to use the auto refresh system, you can refresh your extension files by hand using the Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin for WordPress. Stage 1: Get the latest release. You will be prompted to click on the name of the image you want to view and click it. Stage 2: Load the new data set.

Use your WordPress administration panel to upgrade to the Plugin Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades.

Next, you will be asked to obey the instructions for installing an extension using WordPress.

Simpler topic and plugin updates

If a topic needs to be updated, I receive a fair number of queries. I strongly suggest a plugin for my topics named Envato Market. The plugin was reworked in 2018 and now works really well. Here is how to refresh the theme in small and simple steps:

So far, the issue has been that WordPress doesn't allow you to upgrade a design in the same way that you did when you installed it. Uploading the topic updater as a new topic will result in an errors message: Same thing happens when you try to upgrade a plugin in this way.

Good tidings are that the Plugin Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades works to bypass this and you can upgrade a design or plugin using the Upgrade methods. Oh, and by the way, during the upgrade procedure, a back-up copy of the old design or plugin is made.

So if you have problems during the upgrade procedure, you can always go back to the old one. Provide premium WordPress themes and free-lance work to customers around the world.


Update your designs and plug-ins using zipped file without having to remove the design or plugin first. The __Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades__ is designed to make WordPress users' lives much simpler. If you don't have this plugin, the only way to get the latest version of your zipped plugin is to disable the theme/plugin, remove it, add it and re-enable it.

This plugin makes the upgrade as easy as choosing the zipped files to be uploaded, choosing "Yes" from a drop-down menu, and pressing "Install Now". Get the latest design tip for your design. Visit Appearance > Topics. Press the "Add New" pushbutton at the top of the page. At the top of the page, click the Submit Topic icon.

Press the Search Files icon to search for your zipped files on the topic. Usually it says "Browse...", "Select file" or "Select...". Please click on the zipped archive with the new theme to be installed. In the " Update Available Topic?" item, click Yes. Now click on the "Install Now" icon. Please dowload the latest zipped files for your plugin.

From Plugins > Plugins > Add New, click the Upload page at the top of the page. Choose the zipped archive with the new plugin you want to use. Choose "Yes" in the "Update available plugin?" box. Now click on "Install now". 1.0.1 - 2011-09-28 - Fix for a problem with the page being refreshed and returning in a few moments bug that was displayed on the front end of the page for a few moments after an update.

1.0.2 - 2013-08-20 - Fixed a streamer day on the Install plug-in monitor that was causing issues during installation of plug-ins on WPEngine pages. 1.0.3 - 2014-04-18 - Added topic upgrade support for WordPress 3.9.

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