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Simple way to launch a website

Our website will be set up in the right way on the right platform for what you need. The development of measurable, achievable goals gives you the opportunity to track the success of your business. - time to start building your website.

What is the best way to rebuild a website from the ground up?

You have to choose which platforms you will use to create your website before you start thinking about color patterns and domainnames. When I say "platform", what do I mean? Now, in 2004, when I began web design, most websites were created with HTML (code), CSS and even Flash.

That' why most folks still think that it's hard to build a website from the ground up, or that they need a great deal of programming and designing skill - but that's no longer so! By 2016, CMS (Content Lifecycle Management) like WordPress made the creation of a website available to everyone. Put in simple terms, a Web site builder is a user-friendly tool for constructing Web sites and maintaining your own Web site contents, rather than using a pile of bulk HTML pages.

WordPress and not Website-Builder? Since there are no better/easier ways to create a website at this point... But more importantly: WorldPress can be enhanced with free plug-ins to manage almost any website from beautiful commercial websites to socially connected networks. Plug-ins allow you to easily include contacts form, subscriptions form, picture gallery and so on for your website - what?

WordPress can manage just about any type of website, from simple blogging to nice shopping pages and shops-onlines. WorldPress is used by eBay, Mozilla, Reuters, CNN, Google Ventures and even NASA. Your website responds immediately and looks great on any portable phone, smart phone or notebook. For so many users of the site (webmasters, bloggers, themes and plugins developers) it is easy to find quick help when you need it.

WordPress also has many free ressources, both available on Youtube and its online forums. Naturally, there are also other website creation / CMS platform. But I would still use WordPress. It is a very efficient plattform that is loved by web designers and seasoned programmers, but it comes with a very sharp learning curve that makes it a poor option for newcomers.

The Joomla is similar to WordPress and also works well for web sites, but you need at least some programming to make it work the way you want it to. I recommend WordPress for newcomers. It' s the simplest site I've ever worked with, but it's versatile enough to fit everyone from small businessmen and contractors to art creatives and blogs.

Well, I wouldn't look any further than WordPress. Stage 2 guides you through the processes of selecting a domainname and searching for a place to hosting your website. Stage 3 shows you how to set up and customise your WordPress website. Don't be afraid - I will guide you through the trial, with many pictures as references.

In order to get a new website up and running, you will need two things: WordPress itself is free, but a domainname and web host will charge you about $3 - $5 per months. Having your own domainname looks much more professionnal than having your website on another domainname (like Free Website & Free Website Builders and Marketing Tool from Network Solutions), and it is also extremely accessible.

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