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Modedesigner - Danny Bowien, co-founder of Mission Chinese Food. Strong, clear designs attract attention and make surfing easier for the user. Web design solution that makes building websites easy and entertaining!

Simple web design and templates in the WCM system

It is easy for a web design professional with HTML and CSS knowledge to manipulate style sheets, template pages, and change items with simple front-end encoding knowledge. There is no propriety in the way, and your web designers have full control over the content of your website. And our softwares update the behind the scene codes so you don't have to.

Easy-to-use web site layouts are also available if you want to optimise your web site for web based applications without a full facelift. Easily move your page design and contents to these template pages to drastically streamline the optimization of your website for portable use. Most of the user-defined widgets we have developed for our clients use free and open sources that require only a few changes and minimum programming knowledge.

Marketing professionals who are more familiar with web design or just like to immerse themselves in web design will find the website topic file easy to access and will be able to display and manipulate your custom style sheets and script.

Thirty Brave and Clean Web Designs for Inspiration

Taking design decisions for your website can be a huge job. Sometimes you're not sure what's going on or in which way to move your web design. Because we don't want you to be overtaxed ( or uninspired), I've hand-picked[inlinetweet prefix="""" tweeter="""" suffix=""]30 brave and neat web design to get your design jojo going[/inlinetweet].

What makes it so daring and neat, you wonder? Internet sites are a great place, and it can be easy for your website to adapt and get lost unless you've specifically styled it to attract it. Fat, clear design attracts the eye and makes surfing easier for users[/inlinetweet].

Fat makes a point, while overloaded, everyday web sites make people jump before you even had a shot at telling them what you're about. Proper design also assists in highlighting the right things (like your CTA) and minimizing detractions. Everlane (or, as I would call it, Everlasting Awesomeness) cuts out the lint with a clear design and a fat script using a "back to basics" theming.

There is a merry-go-round of colourful, full-page pictures with a neat, plain, sans sans serif typeface welcoming you to the homepage and asking you to stick around. Take a look at the page entitled The Brave People and you will be welcomed with a courageous design. Courageous, large photographs and palladium design are well supplemented by the mouse-over effect on the team's photographs.

Do you know what else is brave? Harry's cycle of carousels passes through a series of high definition pictures with serifless type. The GC Watches range presents you with a contemporary design: a clear copy alongside powerful pictures. Square space brings the fat picture with cartoon one step up. That design firm knows what it's doing.

An unobtrusive grey backdrop makes the focus on the pictures of the products. On this page you can see how strong blacks and whites can be. The red is a colour of might, and the escape committee bravely hugs it as a colour of accentuation. Contrasts dress for Wondersauce, a digit process institution that utility a weightlift, person text on a achiever wood grain compound.

Greyscale photographs of a man and women opposite the easy three-option menus guide the user directly to where they need to go. Schaffhausen IWC provides the visitor with a computer view of the natural world to familiarise the visitor with the Aqua-Timer range, an unanticipated and freshly clear design for a watchmaking company.

This is a courageous decision; as we recently talked about, videos can be difficult. Browse beyond the Mater & Promise and you' ll experience a design blast. However, with all earnestness the design crew nailed a high-quality corporate identity and only the name Britney's to him. Google Glass scrolls through impressive full-page pictures of different individuals carrying Google Glass in different settings for a sleek yet fat design selection.

The colour change wallpaper with orange lettering makes this page unique. With its one-sided design, strong contrast and mouse-over effect, the board is a real eye-catcher. Liberal explains sobriety with a slim design. Dropobox makes a neat start on your homepage with blank backgrounds and clear illustrations. Hey, his page name says it, and I agree: great design.

The Marcarino uses strong colours with a minimalistic comb design, in combination with a distinctive mouse-over effect. Health care companies seldom have sites with beautiful design, but Cambridge does. Important information is presented in a monochrome colour chart in blu. Because the home page is arranged in a horizontal order according to colour and contents, Pulse offers a strong visual impact with clear, straightforward images.

Hot, light, exciting colours make the heroes section of this one-sided design really popular. At the bottom of the page, the light colours are highlighted with a plain blanket. They may have noted a similarity between many of the styles - high resolution pictures, along with non-serious fonts on a colored backdrop.

Whilst this design tendency requires attentiveness, these are not the only design paths you can take. Rich, neat and visually stunning web design can be offered in many different sizes, from video to still images, grayscales to vibrant colors, full-page photographic wallpapers and slide controls. There are a wide range of variations of Bold, and it is up to you to choose the daring taste that works for your particular design.

Hopefully you will have a great deal of imagination and imagination on how to move your next website design forward. Allow me to know what you think of these decisions - and what you think of a daring, clear design. We are looking for a Senior UX/UI Designers just like you if you have fun resolving complicated issues and like to be surrounded by intelligent, motivated and fun individuals.

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