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Website Design Tutorial | Web Page Maker. The Web Page Maker is an easy-to-use web page creation tool that allows you to create your own web pages even if you know don´t about HTML code. Free, Simple Web Page Maker Software EULA, the General Conditions, the Conditions of Use and/or the Supplement on Processing of Information that have been made available to me in relation to the EULA and/or the EULA, my product and/or service. Information is complete and I agree to the use of my personally identifiable information for any purposes related to the use of the information, my product and/or my service.

Accept that certain information, as well as personally identifiable information, must be gathered or used in order for you to be able to deliver goods or service that I have solicited or contractually agreed. In some cases, I appreciate that it may be necessary to use a cookie or similar tool to track the use of these web pages in order to offer these web pages or web pages....

Please note that I have the right to apply each year for annual recall of any personally identifiable information you have received or gathered about me. I have received your permission to make a recording of my person-related information available to me in a legible form. Also, I realize that I can withdraw my agreement and that I have the right to be forgot.

When I withdraw my agreement, you will cease the collection or use of my personally identifiable information. If I withdraw my permission, I appreciate that you may not be able to offer me contractually agreed goods or service, and I cannot blame you for that. Also, if I ask you to be seriously forgetful, you will erase or make unavailable the information you have stored for me.

In the event of a conflict over my person-related information, I also appreciate that I can turn to someone who is in charge of dealing with data-related issues. When we can't solve a problem, offer an independant solution to it.

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The Web Page Maker is an easy-to-use web page builder that lets you build your own web pages, even if you know don´t about HTML coding. Drag&Drop is the principle behind the application, so you can easily add images, text and navigational bar.

There are also some template files that will help you a great deal in building your web pages, as you can build your web pages on one of them. It'?s very simple. With Web Page Maker you can add gallery photos, sound, videos, flash, spreadsheets, and more. You need a software like Web Page Maker if you have no knowledge of HTML and want to build your own website.

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