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Designers have created stunning ready-made templates in all niches and styles to give your website an instant head start. The creation of a website has never been so easy. Wix ADI designs tailor-made websites with just a few simple questions, knowing the individual needs of each person or company. Create your own website with our simple website builder. Create a website without HTML.

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Couple of week ago we informed you that Easy will launch an extensive upgrading program. By upgrading, you'll have an enriched user interface so you can take advantage of better customer experiences, better customer experiences, and better product and customer support. Pay: Now you will be able to take advantage of new billing features, such as the ability to store your credit/debit cards data for automated renewal of domains and premium rate subscriptions.

There will also be a possibility of using a paying via credit card. However, please be aware that for safety reasons, we will no longer be able to accept payments by telephone through our customer service representative. Client support: A few important facts about the upgrade: 1. the property of your domains/products is not affected and you always have full control over your service.

They still have easy acces to our expert service staff, now around the clock.

Build your own great-looking website in just a few moments!

Begin near the finishing line with ready-to-use website topics created with text, graphs and page structures for over 100 kinds of companies and organisations. No more frustration for your users as your website is optimised to display on the move. Adapt your site to include online community members' favorite web pages and web pages. Easily create, edit and publish your own web pages with your social sharing tools!

Maintain your website contents up to date with an on-line blogs. Enhance your experience and boost website traffic with Disqus, the most widely-used forum for discussing and discussing your website. Find with a free Google Maps function directly on your website! Track your web site visit, your conversations and your on-line shop purchases directly on your website dashboard.

Trouble-free, assured integration of your website into Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask! Access Google with a few mouseclicks! Combine your Facebook page with your new website look by posting your website directly to your Facebook affiliate at the click of a button! value), which can help you a lot to get a better overall rankings and a better visitor feel.

The addition of your tweet site to your new website will take 2 min via our tweet site feedback form. Just append a site lookup function by using the available lookup functions of Google. Just get your Google key and paste it into our Google keyword engine. Easy SiteBuilder lets you embed your own JavaScript, PHP, Flash or VBScript scripting to customise your website and the experiences of your people.

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