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For local collection, use the drop-down menu in the Shipping Details section only. Offer local pick-up In case the article you are buying is large or hard to send, you provide a local pick-up service and the purchaser can pick it up personally. If you are going to create your article, just choose No Shipping: For local collection, use the drop-down list in the Shipment Detail section only. Besides other delivery methods, you can also provide a local pick-up service.

Activate the option Enable local pick-up in your shipment option. Choose the option Paid on collection in your billing option and any other billing method you wish to use. We do not advise local pickups to allow the use of cashing procedures that take a long amount of cashing times, such as cheques. Indicate in your article descriptions or your check out directions when and how the purchaser can pick up the article.

It may be necessary to contact them at the end of the offer to verify the pick-up detail.

Buying and selling goods on the Internet - local -

You want to buy and resell on the spot? Buy and trade your items on-line on site is not just for Craiglist! But why buy things local on line? Purchasing your material on-line is also a great way to help the industry by assisting a small company or a single person.

Then you want to go to the leftside of the display and browse down until you see the words "item location". In this way you know where your article comes from. You can even collect your article yourself in some cases. Then fill in all the article information and upload the images.

Once all this is completed, you can move down until you see the words 'How to send it'. Then you can choose "Offer local pick-up only" to have your shipment offered only to persons who reside nearby or in your area. So if you only want to send things to USA folks, choose 'Choose shipping'.

Browse down to'International Shipping' and choose'No worldwide shipping'. Well, then please enumerate your article.

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