Ebook Landing page Wordpress

E-book landing page Wordpress

The Landkit is a landing page specialized WordPress theme. E-books are a great way to improve your skills and also increase your income. Now you can start designing with WordPress.

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Trendy and advanced e-book vendor plug-in, with 3-D print previews, option to create a previews per copy, automatic e-mailing and order fulfillment. Customize landing pages to share your e-books and softwares. Converting your PDF documents into an on-line PDF by using the services ofdelpaper. This is a free, high-performance plug-in that allows you to quickly and simply sell the Bancomail data base on-line.

Browse your catalogue + films and e-books without exiting your own website.


E-books are a great way to improve your skills and also increase your incomes. While there are many plattforms available where it is possible to resell your e-books and while they can certainly increase the exposure of your e-book, the easy truth is that in most cases, you will have to divide the profit with the said phase.

That' s why many writers become WordPress topics created specifically to increase the sale of their e-books. It is also recommended that you review the 21+ Best Book WordPress Topics page, where the chances of getting the eBook Landing Topic you want are even higher.

It is a unique, fully engaging WordPress topic. It' s a great topic for those who sell eBooks. It is equipped with newsletter inclusion, working contact and Twitter feedback, One Page Navigation, Font Awesome Icon Font, Google Map, Tabs and much more. One of the major reasons to buy Beech themes is the Drag & Drops tool that uses powerful extensions such as SQL, Analytics, etc...

Imagine the DROP & GRAG features of the Viewer Builders Principal and get a breathtaking look of your website in just a few seconds. The Brown is just another fast-reacting WordPress topic that will help you promote your e-books on-line. Three pre-configured trial releases are available to select from when using the Brown themes, complete with a 1-page design and several spare parts.

You can also use this topic to post model sections of your books on your own website. If it' s about the distribution of your eBook, you can either link to a market place like Amazon or directly through your website. PayPal's integrated top plug-in Easy Digital Downloads lets you start your sales process without additional costs.

The Brown eBook WordPress theme's other useful functions include an Authors Profiling utility, an e-mail summary to maintain your newsletters along with a pre-launch mailinglist, a means to post readers' opinions, and the powerful Visual Composer Page builder plug-in that helps you tailor any of the contained layout.

When you choose the one-page Brown edition, you have a great opportunity to present the covers of your books above the pleat on the homepage of your website. However, in case you also choose to use the slide show building tools, you can display many e-books on the homepage of your website.

You can see that Brown is a versatile WordPress eBook topic that can be used in various ways to promote either a stand-alone eBook or an entire publication lib. Because the Cosonix Theme was developed with customisation in mind, any template can simply be re-configured to ensure it meets your needs.

Visual Composer's supplied Plug-in makes it easy to add and delete some of the predefined page building plugins or build your own from the ground up without having to type it. Cosonix's pre-configured demonstrations can be deployed to a WordPress site with just a few mouse clicks, giving you an easy way to get your site up and running with minimal hassle or inconvenience.

The Cosonix site offers eight one-of-a-kind home page demonstrations that make it easy to get your site up and running without a whole host of configuration and research to do. The Cosonix eBook template you use can be used to have your website appear above the folder, an Animated Home Page slide that allows you to publish your books in style, or an e-mail opt-in to expand your e-mail queue before launch.

While this topic can be used for a variety of things, such as building a professionally designed website or building an on-line portfolios, there are two attractive eBook template designs that are immediately useable. While each of these other pre-built demo sites can be customized to your needs effortlessly, the availability of two eBook landing pages will probably make your lives easier.

Avatar is a specific and contemporary WordPress topic suitable for everyone. It comes with a remarkable minimum but very stunning layouts to get even better conversions and many e-book downloads, plus help you to expand your e-mail lists in an efficient way. Is a multi-purpose WordPress topic with a vast selection of demonstration designs to select from.

Get the free Visual Composer plug-in as part of the themes pack, which allows you to customize the look and feel of your website. Get also the free Slider Revolution plug-in in the topicpack. With BeTheme, you have a high-performance selection of designs to make your work easy as you build your website.

Offering stunning landscaping features, style controls, fast response landscaping, different headings, and more. BeTheme eBook allows you to use WordPress to simply build a high-converting eBook landing page.

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