Ebook Store Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Ebook Store Theme

A WooCommerce-based e-commerce theme, BEBO is ideal for creating the website for an online bookstore. You don't have to rely on other bookstores to market and sell your e-books. This design combines the Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plug-ins, making it of great value. This retina-capable and responsive booklovers theme is designed for bookstores, publishing houses, libraries, media houses, e-book stores, etc. Slim design, suitable for the online shop, including bookstore demo.

These are the 10 best WordPress themes for e-book sales in[sigma_current_year].

Today, many writers choose to resell their e-book correspondence directly to their readership without the need for an intermediary. These are the best WordPress topics for the sale of e-books in 2016. In case you are in a rush and cannot get the whole listing covered at the moment, here are the top 5: Without Off the Shelf, no WordPress listing of the best topics for e-book sales would be exhaustive.

This design is built to amaze and fulfill its mission thanks to its great pull & pull page creator, WooCommerce integrated and great level of customer service. Unparalleled design makes Off the Shelf different from the rest, because it's no mystery that conversion-optimized land ing pages help you turn your customers into reader. No matter whether you want to market a particular item with a country page in fat, set up an on-line store or provide your service on-line, Off the Shelf has your back.

Bookshelf is an on-line shop you'll be falling in love with, and is designed to help writers find both tangible and removable articles for sale. In addition, you are saving money because the design combines the plug-ins Revolution Slider, Visual Composer and PO Compose. High performance functions are what guarantees a place on our WordPress Best Topic Guide for e-book sales for bookslovers.

Featuring an easy-to-use user experience, four home page layout options, and an Ajax search engine, the theme is fully integrated with the website. WooCommerce, Revolution Slider, Essential Grid, visual composer and PO Composer to help you set up and maintain your publisher's website. Made as a one-page theme with a blogs page dedicated to supporting the sale of printed or digitally printed book, eBookie attracted our interest because of its simplicity of styling and great features.

A PSD is included in the theme for the e-book author so they can create a user-defined covers. It is very simple to customise and allows you to create a contemporary and attractive destination page. Featuring this high-performance theme, you can give your readership a look -ahead and make downloading simple. It' s fast reacting, sophisticated and high-performing.

Novela will help you advertise any and all books, whether you want to advertise them directly from your website or a direct sales lead to a seller offering them for sale. It is a sophisticated WordPress theme developed for e-book writers and publishers. Briefly, it contains everything you need to make your products known.

Works great on any machine, comes with four breathtaking skin choices and allows you to personalise it simply so that it fully meets your needs. In addition, it is eCommerce -enabled, so you can begin to sell your work within a few moments. Quick and easy to use, FlatBook is a highly reactive eBook-landing page, perfect for presenting and promoting your work in a neat and contemporary way.

The FlatBook is powerfull, intuitively, colourful and crisp. Its design features an easy-to-use page-builder, a variety of adjustment possibilities, MailChimp integrations and endless layout possibilities. Briefly, one of the best WordPress topics for the sale of e-books on the open spacearket. Bebo is a high-performance and multi-faceted WordPress theme and is developed to advertise and distribute any type of medium, so it is a good option for writers.

You don't have to rely on other bookshops to promote and resell your e-books. This design combines the Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plug-ins, making it of great value. Besides, it is WooCommerce capable - reselling your work on-line has never been simpler. There is a mail item for the presentation of your book and a mail item for your booklist.

It' s designed to be easy to use and allows you to easily attach all your book titles and links them to websites like Amazon and iTunes. It' the ideal solution in case you want to keep things easy. One of the best WordPress themes for e-book sales, why should you select one from our list? In addition to an eye-catching look, the topic you select should preferably contain an integrated online portal for processing safe transactions.

Once they have made the payments, your reader can start downloading the e-book as soon as they have made the payments, making your work much simpler. The most topics on our checklist come with the integrated payments Gateway and more. Most of the others are sending traffic to affiliated shops where they can make the buy, so you can be sure whether you have a publisher or not.

Select one of the best WordPress topics for e-book sales on our listing and you'll find many functions to help you build and sell your work without sweating. Fortunately, the best WordPress topics for e-book sales above are equipped with all the functions needed to make your publication dream come true. What's more, the best WordPress topics for e-book sales are available in a variety of formats.

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