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Best 24 WordPress topics for e-book sales (2017) Looking for WordPress topics for e-book sales? Now, you are lucky because there are tens of WordPress topics that have been developed for the sale of your favorite music. We show you in this articel the best WordPress topics for the sale of e-books. WorldPress is an ideal place to buy things on-line. It is important to make sure that you are using the correct WordPress edition before you begin.

Please see WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org for more detail. In order to create a self-hosted WordPress website, you need a Domainname ($14. 99 / year) and WordPress hosting ($7. 99 / month). Fortunately, Bluehost, an authorized WordPress and WooCommerce endorsed web host, has approved to provide our customers with a free domainname, a free SSL certification and a webhosting rebate.

The next stage after the purchase of the hostings is the installation of WordPress. To get started on a WordPress Blog, you can read the step-by-step tutorial in our tutorial. Saying that, let's take a look at some of the best WordPress topics for the sale of e-books. The Wilson is a WordPress theme with a minimalistic look that makes it ideal for e-book sales.

Further remarkable functions are a gooey side bar, user-defined widgets, the inclusion of contacts forms and advertising mailboxes. Mont Blanc is a contemporary and classy WordPress theme developed to drive leads creation and revenue. There are some great functions like a shopping basket pop-up, a sign-in and registration widget and a my accounts page for downloading users' e-books.

It' s nice artwork allows you to nicely include your e-book detail, artwork type, pattern pages and more. The Creativo is a high-performance multi-purpose WordPress theme perfectly suited for e-book and download sales. Contains section for adding portfolios, gallery photos, and customized plug-ins for integrating community content. Delivered with high-quality Dragging & Dropping Page Builders and sliders.

For WordPress pages that sell e-book signatures, this is the ideal place for you. Comes with a wonderful merry-go-round, wonderful typeface and nice picture view. Noteworthy other functions are nice store front template, good pages, light box pop-up for video, colour selection and simple customisation. It is a versatile WordPress theme with a variety of design flexibility and options.

There is also a page generator that lets you simply draw your own layout and target pages as needed. The Binder Pro is a WordPress theme developed for publishing houses, blogs and e-commerce sites. It' a theme in magazinestyle with pre-built sites for different alcoves and branches. Using a plug-and-play interface, it allows you to immediately generate pages using easy draft and dropdown functionality.

The Shopfront is a sleek and easy WordPress theme that' willing to start selling e-books immediately. There is a pull & dropdown homepage lay-out that allows you to click to create section(s). There is a homepage slide, a testimonial sliders, the latest product Widget, current articles and a nice blogs section. There' a sleek and easy-to-use control surface for user-defined theme choices to help you set up your website.

The Vstore is another classy WordPress theme developed to promote your product on-line with WooCommerce. There are also several homepage style sheets, full width page templates, and drag-and-drop page creators. Comes with a page for customizable theme choices and simple adjustment through customizeors. There are user-defined Widgets that can be imported for use on other sites.

is a WordPress theme developed for Simple Download, a WordPress e-commerce plug-in for the sale of e-commerce software applications. There is also a review slide, pull & droop builders, contacts templates, feature set and two homepage layout. It' simple to use and comes with a customizable motif option Dashboard.

avant is a powerfull WordPress multi-purpose theme that is perfectly suited for the sale of e-books. Any of these demonstrations is fully customizable using a user-defined option panel and hundred of different optionsĀ . Comprises multi-page layouts, user-defined Widgets, head and navigational menus, and more. When you are looking for a contemporary and classy WordPress theme to help your e-book sale, then take a look at Narcos.

It' a wonderfully crafted multi-purpose WordPress theme with wonderful wallpaper effect parallaxes, appealing products pages and a contemporary shop home page. The Atomic is a classy WordPress theme with nice typeface and breathtaking styling. Comes with an easily created homepage lay-out with basic pull and drop features. You can easily find all theme preferences under Theme Customizing, so you can create your website with a lived previewer.

When you' re looking for a minimal WordPress theme in stylish design to help selling e-books, take a look at Suisen. A wonderful design that comes with an easy-to-use pull & pull homepage with limitless colour options. It' simple to modify this by using user-defined scripts. There are also user-defined Twitter, Instagram and profile Widgets.

At the core is a compilation of several WordPress topics that are combined into one megatopic. Any of these demonstrations is fully customized using simple pull & pull utilities. There are also nice template for your ebook products pages, blogs area and other landings pages. Shopping is a WordPress e-commerce theme developed for on-line shops.

Featuring a built-in pull and drop build with 14 headers, 9 archival playlists, 6 footers and many user-defined widths. Combine and combine these choices to make truly original personal designs. There is a slide bar, fast preview, detail pages and other WooCommerce features to help you boost your revenue.

The Balance is a feature-rich WordPress theme developed to amaze your clients. Comes with a fully widgetized homepage and all theme choices are tidily placed under the Living Theme Customizing for easy accessibility. There is also a topic option pane for general topic setting. Are you looking for a free theme to resell your e-book?

It' a free one-page WordPress theme with WooCommerce functionality. It' very simple to use and only comes with choices that you will actually use. The Daylight is a multi-purpose, multi-purpose WordPress theme for web sites. Comes with full WooCommerce assistance so that it can readily be used for the sale of e-books or other digitized items such as softwares, apps, music and more.

The Safreen is another free WordPress theme that can be used to create and distribute e-books. Contains a simpler drag-and-drop design set up with the Customizing tool. A colourful and classy WordPress theme, it can be reused for use on any type of website. There is a page with user-defined design preferences, lived customization, and 1-click installation program to make setting up the design fast and painless.

And if you want a free design with premium-like functionality, choose a design like the one you've come to expect from oceanWP. Featuring all of the functionality you'd normally find in WordPress prepaid topics, this highly customizable, free WordPress theme is a great way to get started. Contains extended possibilities to set up a simple homepage design. In addition, WordPress is a universal theme with nice page templates that will help you land more e-books for sale.

Comes with a Page builder plug-in and customized WooCommerce module. In addition, there are a number of colour themes, layouts options, user-defined Widgets and design flexibility. The Smart Passive Revenue theme was developed to help you generate revenue flows. Sell e-books, run a podcast or blog. It will help you win an appealing public for your brands.

Comes with a easier widgettized homepage lay-out and user-defined widgets to setup it. Simply fill in the widget preferences and pull & dropping them. The MixShop is a WordPress theme for all types of on-line shops. No matter if you sell e-books in WordPress or sell real goods, you will find that MixShop can adapt to your needs with ease.

It' simple to use and features a page creator, a slide control and several WooCommerce-enabled features to help you present your e-books more creative. Hopefully this item has help you find the best WordPress theme for e-book sales. Also you can take a look at our ultimative WordPress incremental walkthrough guiding WordPress Search Engineer beginner to newcomer.

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