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Wordpress Ebook Theme

In WordPress you can create a website for your book with our e-book theme for authors within minutes. Top WordPress topics for selling e-books and digital products 2018 Full set of the best WordPress for the sale of e-books and other digitally and downloadably produced items such as softwares, applications, icon kits, topics and much more. There is a wide range of WordPress topics in the library to ensure that everyone can find the one they really like. Each of these topics have an integrated billing portal to handle safe transactions from PayPal, debit card and others.

E-Book down-loads are automatic as soon as your money has been paid, your user will receive their item, so you don't have to do anything manually anymore. Some of the topics below have a ready-made e-book book sleeve to make great e-book book sleeves yourself.

Eliminate annoying e-book covers or costly and time-consuming collaboration with illustrators. Everybody at a certain point in history has thought about creating their own eBook on a certain subject, and many have already done so. There' s no point in written a novel if you can't resell it. Thats where these stunning WordPress topics can help you get your eBook out there eventually and make it yours with effortless selling.

Don't look any further and review these nice, fun and reactive WordPress topics. The BEBO is a smart and very efficient encoded, professional graphic design and appealing and appealing, extremely versatile and bendable, simple to use and adaptable, intuitive to navigate and optimised for searching engines, technically versed and up-to-date, optically sleek and fast reacting WordPress books, libraries and websites.

It is a highly inventive and fantasy topic, conceived as a complete webmaster package for all backgrounds and without previous programming skills, to be able to quickly and simply create their own progressive, contemporary and professionally run web pages in high fidelity within a few moments, without having to type a line of text.

The Theme is a classy and attractive website builder's kit, featuring premier plug-ins like Visual Composer for an intuitively enhanced lay-out and Revolution Slider to build great slider that will excite and excite your audiences every single second. Ready to use as an on-line shop for your favourite range of products, BEBO offers a range of clever functions such as a highlight role with everyday specials, as well as promotions, beautiful post-styles, WooCommerce integrations in a range of custom configurations and absolute reactivity across the full range of equipment and platform.

Inkubator is a light and colourful, smart and imaginative, simple to use and quick to load, easily responding WordPress start-up website theme. It is a beautiful and ingenious plattform for the straightforward and rational development of articulated, contemporary web sites covering a variety of uses and objectives, but always with a powerful emphasis on developing efficient commercial and promotional campaigns for the developer on the go.

This makes Incubator the ideal topic for all types of businesses and innovating business companies that need an on-line home for their activities, where they can present themselves and their product smoothly to the outside worlds without having to type a line of coding. It' perfectly suited for Web masters who are trying to create their own e-book on-line retailing sites; with an elaborate library of advanced cataloging functions, a complete suite of business functions, to the point of handling payments, trolleys and electronic downloading, it's really no wonder that Incubator is one of the most favorite topics for e-book selling sites on the web today.

Smooth, pro-grade plug-ins like Revolution Slider and Visual Composer give you the necessary power to achieve any vision or marketing goal you want yourself. The Landkit is a specialised WordPress theme landed page. The Landkit is a high performance bootstrap driven hybrid composite developed product.

Select from 12 header and 3 footer lines and adjust any of them to suit your vision. It' a theme that is meant for aesthetic visuals and a well presented picture. The Brown is a contemporary and attention-grabbing WordPress theme for writers and publishers. It' s feature-rich and meticulously engineered to help you quickly set a retirement date for your book.

The design is totally reactive and adjusts the size on all units to give your audiences a great visual aura. Looks sharp and clear on high-resolution monitors because every element of this theme is retina-ready. Featuring a highly advanced eBook WordPress theme, this versatile and silent design tool lets you build a beautiful website for your eBook.

Comes with a Page Builder (a custom Visual Composer version) that lets you create breathtaking pages effortlessly. Contains a one of a kind modular way to present the books you sell. It is possible to choose the theme with a black or bright backdrop. Obviously this nice eBook sale website submission is constructed with neat and current codes with the best possible industry best practice in the back of your head to help your website get more visitors and achieve good performance in the searching machine.

The FlatBook is a fully reactive e-book or apple that sells Wordpress Planting Page with a sleek but uniquely slim look in limitless colour themes that can be optimised via a easy theme admin Dashboard. The theme is perfect for any company or individual who wants to present their eBook, applications or other digitally produced products with a one-page promotional land page in an elegant and appealing way.

With this fantastic WordPress theme, your e-books will be sold with great success. It is a neat and cool looking HTML5-based website submission developed for writers, current book titles, e-books, manuals and articles published on-line. The theme is highly reactive and adapts perfectly to all equipment to give website users an extraordinary visual sensation.

Looks clear and crisp as every item on this theme is retinalized. Especially designed to present and resell your eBooks or your own eBooks. Comes with improved authors pages, user-defined mail types with categories, easy homepage layouts to help you create a homepage with ease, land page templates for the letter, and 404 pages to present your work.

The foreword also contains a contribution for the letter mail format consistent with your subject. It gives you full color and size controls, offers an unhide and unhide feature for clear -text logos, and controls the length of the excerpts in the blogs. You can also modify the balance of the bottom line, the text of the logos and the changes to the logos using the Theme Customizer.

The MeanThemes Tool plug-in is also available in this theme to help you setup your website or eBook page without much hassles. It is a beautifully intuitively, unbelievably easy-to-use, visually breathtaking and well-designed, totally contemporary and technically-adept, imaginative and comfortable WordPress reactive one-page website theme, a flexible and high-performance design for one-page sites, equipped with a range of high-performance management utilities for just about everything you want to do with a one-page site, from corporate to professional and private needs.

It is particularly competent in dealing with e-book shop sites. Cosonix contains not only layout specifically developed for use on eBook Markt sites, but also fully outsourced demonstration sites that you can create yourself using the easy and fast Visual Composer plug-in, which allows you to fully customise your one-page site with just a few drag and drop operations, while adding stylish, high-performance enhanced theme choices.

With Cosonix, you can sell your e-books within seconds of installing them, in the truest sense of the word. It' also the only one-page website theme that's fully embedded in the MailChimp and Aweber subscriptions so don't bother with customer conversions and just pull the right form into play by dragging and dropping it.

The MyBook is an outstanding WordPress theme for eBook websites. It also includes the handy Visual Composer utility that makes it easy to customize the website. Once installed, this theme will contain many different theme pads. MyBook will make your eBook page look great on any device, regardless of your display sizes or resolutions.

DigiSeller is a good choice if you want to make a profit off the sale of your e-books. Get the most out of this design for WordPress web pages. All you need to do is click a unique icon to deploy the theme demonstration. Allows you to go directly to the shop while setting up your e-book shop.

In addition, website owner can organise any item and set an unlimited number of eBook subcategories and categorisations. The DigiSeller will look fantastic on all machines because it is completely fast reacting. You can access your shop from your tablet, laptop, PC and smartphone. Consumers will not miss any of your tempting e-book sells.

When it comes to visually customizing, it' easy for end-customers to create and deploy a customized colour theme. WooCommerce is an extraordinary topic that can help the visitor to buy almost EVERYTHING on-line! It' very versatile and contains almost everything you need to build an efficient sale or target page for your eBook.

Has a very reactive and portable lay-out that allows your user or prospects to see your destination page with their hand-held device. In addition, this eBook WordPress theme is WordPress 4 compliant. Developers have also added the Visual Composer plug-in, a high-performance page build drag-and-drop tool that can help you build endless page lays for your website.

Use one of the home page template themes in the Theme Bundle to set up a target page, or simply build your own using Visual Composer. The Revolution Slider is also supplied to make sure you don't have a tough job designing eye-catching slider effect and animation for your website.

In addition, this topic contains several page layouts for bookshops or publishers such as: This allows you to deploy enhanced CSS3 renderings, while the optional intuition panels allows you to tailor the design to your needs. Additional must-have items included in this theme include: Super Menus, 14 customized Widget, built-in page breaks, full WooCommerce integrations, and more!

Distribisher is one of the most comprehensive WordPress themes on the web today. You can not only present but also advertise your e-books and other electronic goods. This theme is supported by Easy Digitale downloads and Tevolution plug-ins, which are included with the theme free of charge. In addition, theme has built-in WooCommerce functionality to enable it to offer both tangible and intangible goods for sale.

You can also resell your own affiliated product if you don't have your own e-book. In addition, the publishers theme has built-in sponsorship for affiliated link referrals to Amazon or other resources. It is a neat, fast-response WooCommerce-based WordPress shopping theme that can be used for bookstores, Libraries, bookstores, e-books, e-commerce applications, e-commerce, software applications, or to build partner pages linked to businesses such as Amazon and B&N.

Apart from the fact that it is an e-commerce, it also has a product range to present your work in a nice way. WooCommerce eStore is a fully functioning eStore optimised for listing and selling various WooCommerce items. But you can optimize it to just resell one or a few e-books. Another option would be to resell your own e-book.

Generate additional revenue from your partner purchases by adding other related products to your shop.

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