eClickZ Review is a provider of online marketing solutions for advertisers and publishers. eClickZ Review : Monetise your websites or mobile apps with this online advertising network. ADVERTISING AFFILIATES Use our own advertising plattform to find new clients from our unique database of advertising and searching contacts. We use your metrics to provide multi-dimensional algorithmic delivery to meet your KPI and ROAS objectives. Native, header bidding, screen, cell phone and camcorder.

We maximize your KPI's and ROAS targets for desktops and mobiles with our patented ad technologies.

Attract new clients and build your brands with advertising on desktops and mobiles. Our strategy is based on partnership, which allows us to work with other advertising agencies to meet our objectives. The White Label Platform allows businesses to launch their own advertising network simply and effectively.

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I' ve also had a better track record than most other ad networking sites that provide similar possibilities. eClickz should definitely be tried for promotional purposes. It looks like they also have an affiliate programme, but I haven't tried it yet... eClickZ is an innovator in SaaS ad delivery technologies. eClickZ provides programming solution for desktops, mobile and connected TV for advertisers, publishers, networking and agencies.

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The eClickZ is one of the oldest on-line ad network founded in 2001. publishers can monetise their websites or applications by viewing high-quality ad inventories. eClickZ checks websites before they are approved. Pages may not contain any offensive contents such as adults, hackers, spammers, pirates, etc.. You do not authorize the use of Personally Identifiable Websites, Affiliate Board messages, Charged Forum and Gaming Pages.

Unfinished or underground building yards should not be valid. Websites with thin contents are refused by them. Pages with excess advertisements are not accepted. eClickz provides 3 kinds of advertisement solutions: You may not click on your own advertisements or encourage others to click on them. You may not use botts, iFrames, spam, news groups or antispyware to create your own site visitors.

Publishing houses, which are found culpable, result in the cancellation of account. Publishing houses are remunerated on a Net 30 base. If an ad is not completed, a publisher can use passback tag. You do not endorse any non-English websites. The advertising community does not tolerate websites host on free web hosts such as Tumblr or Blogspot. Conclusion: eClickZ is good for websites with sufficient US, Canadian and continental content.

Portable application publisher and web publisher must try it. Hopefully this eClickz rating will help the publisher to get there.

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