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E-Commerce Website Builder

E-commerce Website Builder - Build an E-commerce Website - Free Evaluation Version You can create your e-commerce site from there, then administer and take orders from your bankers. Easily append your items, share your pictures, define your stocks, and more to help you keep track of your e-commerce site. Or you can individually select your own product or select all your product from an Excel or CSV spreadsheet, eBay or Magento.

So you can for example insert all your T-shirts and pullovers into a "clothing collection" and at the same time have some of the same T-shirts in a "sales collection". It is also possible to organise your product using our smartcollections. Smartcollections group your product according to the terms you have defined. You can, for example, build a cleverly designed personal gift basket that collects all your items under $20 and presents this cleverly designed gift basket to your clients.

The e-commerce website is delivered with a CMS (Content Managment System) that can be used to build web pages and blogs. Their e-commerce website contains functions of the CMS. That makes it simple to build new websites. Blogs are a great selling and a great way to market your products. It' simple to display and approve your orders from your e-commerce site.

Your clients can post commentaries and specify choices when they are paying for articles on your e-commerce site. If our scam scanner finds a questionable order on your e-commerce site, it warns you. Generate customer groups using criteria such as: where they are, spend funds, etc.

They have the possibility to publish your shop or to limit the shopping to those with bankrolls. If you want to create a home or large e-commerce site, the Just my bank details page is useful. You can use these useraccounts to login to the admin area where you administer your shop.

Allows you to limit the privileges of employee account so that only certain individuals can edit orders, administer assets, administer the blogs and websites, deploy applications or other things in the admin panel.

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