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There are 5 things to consider when developing an eCommerce website

Every single projekt has a variety of issues to consider, from end experience to achievement. Developing any corporate website is a large-scale, complicated operation, but an eCommerce site presents its own unique challenge. Given that people will come to the site to find out more about and buy our product, designers will want to do everything they can to make this a simple and fun undertaking.

However, in addition to considering ease of use, here are a few other facets of an eCommerce site that developer want to be sure to consider during the design process: More and more people are using portable web site accessibility equipment, and e-commerce transactions account for a large proportion of this data flow.

Indeed, by 2017, statistics show that more than a quarter of eCommerce revenue will come from cell phones. That means it's unbelievably important to ensure that your eCommerce site is optimised for the handset, giving your customers the best possible user experiences, no matter what devices they use to connect to your site.

The implementation of response design to make a website available and useable on any machine is important for the successful eCommerce website. Episerver CMS is a particularly efficient e-commerce site management software, and Episerver eCommerce is developed to automate the implementation of a reactive design. Others CMS plattforms may use a fast design, but need additional configurations.

However, no matter what platforms you use, you need to be sure to keep an eye on your mobiles for every facet of the site, from simple browsing to cashier to payment, given that this ever-growing group of visitors cannot be ignored. Has your eCommerce website been optimised for your cell phone? Please feel free to browse our e-book to find out how to get your strategy going.

Enterprises with e-commerce websites will often want to ask the user to open an user ID to make a buy, as this will enable follow-up communications that promote prospective purchases, as well as track customers' demographics to analyse them. It is important to keep in mind, however, that not everyone wants to go through the creation phase of an accounting to buy a specific item.

Regular shoppers will want to sign up and take advantage of an affiliate program, such as storing their information for further shopping and receive notification of pending deals, but it is still a good idea to offer an opportunity for those who only want to place a one-time order. Per Tip: Because you're still trying to get user to try creating an affiliate user profile, you can try designing the purchasing experience so that user can close a customer fund and when closed open an affiliate user profile with the information they just typed in.

Stats show that 30% of eCommerce site traffic uses searching to find the product they are looking for, so it is important to ensure that the searching feature is available and simple to use. Moreover, it is a good idea to use functions such as automatic completion to help user to find favorite product or article related to their quest.

Facetted searching is another important way to help people find what they are looking for. Using this feature, you can restrict your searching in different ways, e.g. by division, type, price category, producer, etc. Delivering this feature gives the user more ways to find what they need and allows them to restrict their searching to exactly what they are looking for.

Professional Tip: To ensure that your queries deliver the best results, make sure that the information about the products is fully specified and well organised, enabling a facetted approach and better results in general. Find out more about how Episerver Find provides high-performance website searching. Any eCommerce site should use SSL to protect information that must stay safe.

Statistically, 40% of visitors leave a website that lasts more than 3 seconds to be loaded. In particular, this is the case for those on the move who often do multitasking because they are accessing web sites and are more likely to move to something else if a site is too sluggish. The combination of a website's JavaScript or CSS resources in individual data accelerates its interactions with the website because the user only needs to upload one JavaScript document or stylesheet rather than five or ten.

Is there a user experiencing (UX) problem that is having a negative impact on your website? If you keep these e-commerce website design considerations in view, you can make sure you offer your clients the best possible shopping experiences, but there are many more items you should consider when designing your website. You will want to make sure that you plan for search engine optimization (SEO) and keep your products information organised, think about how you can tailor your contents to different people, and a variety of other things you should consider.

Need help to understand how to start building your eCommerce site? If you would like to talk to a web developer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us or ask your eCommerce related question in the comment below.

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