Map showing the locations of agencies and freelancers who create websites on Edicy (www.edicy.com), a super easy tool for creating websites. Lyon (South) design for Edicy. Find out how to create websites with the most elegant website creation tool, Edicy.

is a cloud-based service for creating and hosting multilingual websites and managing their content.

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Edicy was founded in 2008 and since then almost 500,000 users from 150 different nations around the globe have built a website with it.... It' not just one of the most easy-to-use website builder out there. It is also a serious professionalool. Today, tens of design and development professionals use it to build their client sites.

You like Edicy because it has a strong functionality, is constantly maintained and upgraded by our staff, and is very easy for your clients to use. This is Voog, Edicy's legacy. We' ve also given him a new name - Voog. It'?s for "flow" in Estonian. It is a state-of-the-art publication resource for creative professionals.

Well, it'?s more functional than Edicy. Furthermore, there is now a great deal of fire power for the developer (full API and so on). Prices are the same, the customer experiences are similar to Edicy. The easiest way in the industry to create a nice, multi-lingual, responsive web site with optimised searching engines for your company is to use Voice.

Every new high-performance professional stays behind the scenes and doesn't keep you, the operator, distracted.


When you run a website and want to draw global traffic, you will want to design a multi-lingual website. Luckily, Edicy makes it easy to design a multi-lingual website. Edicy can also help you design your website, add text and pictures and end up with a professionally designed website that your customers will really like.

Whilst other choices demand that you study how to create coding or use awkward WordPress or Joomla plug-ins, Edicy lets you get going almost instantly. As soon as you arrive on the start page, you can register and use a free 30-day test version. You will be redirected to the homepage where you can name your projects.

Then you can build new pages and select between a title page, a shared page, or a blogsite. Using the bottom bar, you can add a form, modify the layout of your website, or even use the powerful advanced search engine (SEO) tools to build SEO-friendly pages. Put in simple terms, if you want a webbuilder that also enables you to build a multi-lingual website, it won't be much simpler than Edicy.

When you sign in for the first one, you can build a page in seconds. So the first thing you need to do is make a name for your website. Select from a new cover page, a shared page, or a blogs and blogsheet. When you name your page, you generate a page address and can begin typing text, pictures, or video.

Fortunately, you won't have much trouble creating a new page because all you need to know is how to use Edicy's essential text editing software. To use Edicy, you cannot use your own Edicy webspace. That' not necessarily a disadvantage, as you will be dealing with fewer interoperability problems if you hosted with a web-based publisher that provides web hosting service, and you won't have to call technical assistance or troubleshoot nameserver problems.

All you have to do is get in touch with Edicy and register for the Edicy Store Support team. There is no fixed limitation on your bandwith, but you must use your wits when you host with Edicy. After all, you shouldn't be sweating at Edicy; this feature keeps your site up and running as this vendor seeks to avoid privacy violations and outages.

You need a stategy, and you're in good hand with Edicy. First, Edicy customers can support their search and find (SEO) effort by building a blogsite that Edicy provides as a foundation. For further details, a webmaster can go to the preferences screen and check that all pages are optimised for AEO.

A website operator not only increases the results for the original website, but also goes to the first pages in different language. These and other functions allow a users to shine in Edicy advertising. The Edicy hosting a dedicated technical assistance page that answers all your fundamental and less fundamental needs.

In addition, if a perplexed person is a registered member, he or she can go to the forum. After all, if nothing is solved, a costumer can also directly e-mail our technical team. One way or another, a single end user will be enjoying a few sound supporting choices, standard: At $8 per $8 a monthly, a single consumer enjoys two GB of disk space, three concurrent subscribers, 30 pages, three different language versions, a customized domainname and theme, and a password-protected page.

$13 a monthly gives a single player 10 GB of disk space, limitless pages, players and language. In addition, the individual layout, unrestricted password-protected pages and a catalog of template files are available to the end-customer.

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