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To learn how to customize Chrome, watch the following video. To set up a personalized Google Chrome homepage. It is not for someone who wants to do something special with their new browser design. All you want to do is customize the themes in Chrome.


It can be a plug-in or theme collision. Try to deactivate all your plugs and use one of the standard Twenty theaters. medfan2003 changed this answer 1 year ago. The Chrome works, so the problem is always something unique to your website. So deactivate all your plugs and see if it works.

The Chrome works, so the problem is always something unique to your website. Hi @medfan2003, Do you have a developer site where you can test WP 4.9beta2? And if it's still a problem, we'll keep a problem in the loop. * @sterndata I don't know what you mean, but if we need a test for a WP files or a WP binary in readiness, just give me the required files and I will test them.

For confirmation only, this is resolved in 4.9 Beta, see issue #42018.

To customize the new Google Chrome tab without enhancements

The new Chrome page by default is basically a copy of the Google homepage, redesigned with the Chrome theme you chose. Now with the latest version of Chrome, Google allows you to do this. To open a new Chrome page, click the Plus pushbutton at the top or press Ctrl + T. In the center of the page, you'll see symbols that represent your most frequently viewed pages.

To edit the name or address, click the three-point icon that pops up above one. If you don't need it, you can also use Remove. Press the Plus pushbutton to create a new link. Chrome wallpapers to browse a wide range of Google pictures, or even create your own.

By choosing Google wallpapers, you can scroll through a wide range of different catagories and pick the picture you like best. If you can add a lot of enhancements to your system to modify the new tabs, you might wonder what the point is. Browsers are known to leak your personal information.

Often, even trusted add-ons are resold to spamers, who lavish them with dubious behaviour. The best thing to do is stick with Google's customization here instead of using another plugin that you shouldn't have anyhow.

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