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Can''t edit my page - Square help 5 - Are you on a portable phone? To troubleshoot your website maintenance problems, please refer to the error recovery tips in this manual. Tip: If you're new to Squarespace, check out the Getting Started and Understanding Pages videos section to get the basic page handling skills. When you cannot edit your website, it could be a system-wide problem that we are trying to fix.

Visit our status page and keep up to date with all downtimes at @SquarespaceHelp. Please visit our status page. When all Squarespace service is up and running, please review your website for the following points. When you use this modus to display your website, you are logged out and often your browsers are disabled. To know that you can sign in in Incognito/Private and edit your website, you can use the following procedure to find and fix the problem.

Your web browsers can influence how Squarespace is loaded and how it works. In order to prevent problems with browsing, please make sure that you are using a support web site. You are using an up-to-date web page. If you block a cookie, this may restrict your options for processing your website. JavaScript blocks our processing tool. When none of these problems occur, use these simple trouble-shooting instructions in your web browser.

Browsing enhancements can affect our processing tool. When you use enhancements or add-ons, try turning them off for a while and then try again to edit your site. Now that you can edit your page, it means that the enhancements are the perpetrators. When you can help yourself by avoiding using full extension browsers, this will help reduce processing problems in the near term.

They can also sign in through a home or non-cognito screen, or use another assisted web browsing application to edit your site. 5 - Are you on a portable phone? The reason you're having trouble working in a portable web browsing application may be that some edit features might need a computer on your computer such as a computer on your computer desk or your notebook.

Can I edit my website on a portable phone? Tip: You can use our portable applications to administer specific areas of your website. Page processing only works if you are signed in, and our system does not always keep you signed in for more than one session. Checking if you're signed in:

When the logon page is displayed, you are signed out. When you have problems, please take our bug fixing instructions. Nothing happens, you're out. When you have problems, please take our bug fixing instructions. When the Start menu is displayed or crashes, you are signed in. Scanning for more than one location in your Squarespace account will ensure that you are signed in to the right one.

When you can login but cannot view your contents, the website may have run out. You cannot edit outdated websites until they are re-activated. Verify that your website has expired: When your website has elapsed and you are not signed in, the "Website Expired" error appears. When you see a notification about an account that has elapsed at the bottom of the screen, your site has elapsed, so you don't have permission to edit it.

When you can display contents and the Start screen, but you cannot edit or append pages to the Web site, you may not have edit privileges. Sometimes you can edit your current pages, but you cannot create new pages. When you are signed in to your website but cannot see your side menus, you may need to compress the previews of your website.

When your previews are compressed, you can edit or edit your page contents in the Pages pane. Move your mouse over a page and use the Edit Notes function to edit or append a block. User-defined changes to the codes can affect the way the site is edited. After you have followed all the above procedures and are still unable to edit your site, your site may have a customized identifier that will block our reviewers.

For troubleshooting, try turning off user-defined coding. It deactivates the injection while you are signed in to your site, but does not influence how your site will appear to people. Failure to do so will result in the temporary complete removal of the code: Locate the key. This can be located in a block of codes on a page, Injection or in the CSS editor.

Copying and pasting the source to a secure location outside of Squarespace, like a simple text editing program. Removing the passcode and saving it. Re-try to edit the page. There is a good possibility that the problem is the source file if you can successfully edit it. More information about using user-defined coding with Squarespace can be found under How to add user-defined HTML, JavaScript and JavaScript and in our Codes FAQ.

When you have read all the features in this manual and still cannot edit your website, please feel free to do so.

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