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This guide will cover some of the basics of editing and using your Weebly website. When you need more help, Weebly has produced a thorough series of short films. In order to ensure that your Weebly website looks as good on a mobile device as it does on a desktop, you should choose an attractive design. Keep in mind that you can still edit your website after it has been published. As well as adding a page to your site in Weebly, you can also change the page settings and navigation.

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In order to make sure that your Weebly website looks as good on a portable screen as it does on a desk, you should select an attractive design. While most Weebly themes are fast to respond to, you can check this simply by looking at a preview of your preferred theming. Once your selected topic is Responsible, you can toggle between Desktops and Mobiles by selecting the Telephone or Computer symbol at the top of the Weebly Website Managers page.

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Is it possible to edit a Weebly page with Dreamweaver?

I' m looking after a website selling dogs wear and accessoires for my woman (www.pawpoint.co.uk), which I was informed contains about 200 html bugs. It must have been done by the Weebly Drag&Dropditor. Is it possible to edit the HTML bugs outside of the site to increase my website's usability, or will Weebly simply reinsert the bugs the next time I load my site?

Is it possible to edit a Weebly page with Dreamweaver? Unknown to Weebly, but it would make sense that if you edit the pages in our program that has already made the mistakes, it will do it again. After all, HTML is nothing but text, so you can edit the pages in Notepad or TextEdit (Mac) efficiently, and they should remain the way they are when you store them.

Correcting the mistakes with DW keeps them fixed unless you go in and change them again by hand.

Test a Weebly site before launch

While there are many ways to test a Weebly site before it goes online, the following approach allows you to test it without having to sign up and paying for more than one name. Edit Weebly page: Relocation of the Weebly test field: As soon as you have a website you are satisfied with and you have selected a new site and created it with Weebly Web Site Hosting, you can move the Weebly site to the new one.

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