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Screen Edit Pages In order to edit the pages of your blogs, go to My Pages ? Pages. Click on a page's name to edit it. In order to edit, delete or display a page, click on the three points to the right and choose the desired action: you can sort the pages by the following categories:

Released, drafts, planned and wastepaper basket. Wastebasket function allows you to delete pages without immediately erasing them forever. Recycle Bin elements can be recovered or permanent erased up to 30 workingdays after deletion. In order to recover a page you have removed, look at your Recycle Bin by clicking on the Recycle Bin at the top of the page links.

On the right side of the page you want to recover, click the three points, and then click Recover. In order to remove a page from your list forever, open your Recycle Bin by clicking on the Recycle Bin icon at the top of the page. To do this, click the three points to the right of the page you want to remove and click Remove.

In order to get fast editing, go to Pages All Pages in your WP Admin Dashboard. Fast editing is displayed when you move the mouse over a page name. Fast editing lets you change page attributes such as titles, sphere, date, writer, passwords, privacy, parents, order, submission, comment, and state. Execute mass processing to process several pages simultaneously.

Choose multiple pages using the check boxes on the far right. Then, go to the mass actions window, choose Edit and click the Apply icon. The system displays the available mass processing functions. Make sure that you click Refresh when you have finished mass processing your selection.

You can use the drop-down menu at the top right of the page to show or hide those column names that appear on the Edit Pagescreen. For more information, see the on-screen options document.

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