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Great news, it's super easy to edit text and images! Editing the contents of your WordPress page I' ll discuss in this paper how you can edit your WordPress website contents. Great messages, it's really simple to edit text and pictures! PLEASE NOTE: This posting uses WordPress 3.9.

1 screen shots and vocabulary. Others WordPress editions may have slightly different look and feel, but the main ideas are the same.

In the backend or "administration area" of your WordPress page, contents are created and edited. Your backend defaults to http://yourWebsite. com/wp-admin (replace "yourwebsite.com" with the website address). Type the user name and passcode that were specified when you set up Wordpress or by your Web developers.

The contents should be organised under Pages or, for Blog, post. Contributions and pages are practically identical in terms of processing; in this paper, pictures and discussions focus on pages. In order to edit an already created page, move the mouse over the page title (e.g. Æ Home in the example picture on the left) in the page title bar to see edit link.

To change the specified page, click Edit. WordPress contents can be edited in two modes: Visible is an approach to the presentation of posted contents and contains Format options for printed font, italics, strict and more. Select the contents and push a key to select this one. The Text view displays all HTML coding that governs layouts, styling, media assets, and so on.

It is an extended edit modus, and if you are not comfortable with HTML, this may be a confusion. Click the Append Media buttons above the formatters to display the Insert Media dialog box and insert an additional picture into your work. See available pictures that were added to the Media Library page, or click the Upload Files icon to upload a new picture.

WorldPress has a convenient drag-and-drop interface, or click Choose Documents for a dialog box. Easily move more than one document at a Time by drag-and-drop. ATTACHMENT DETAILS dialog will appear for each picture you upload on the right side of the monitor. You can specify a caption (the text that is displayed when you click the picture to display it in full size), alternate text (the text that is displayed when the picture is not fully uploaded or cannot be uploaded), and descriptive text.

"The " "Link to"" defines the behaviour when the visitor is clicking on the picture.

It is convenient for using a smaller miniature display that floats with the contents, but allows the operator to display the picture in full screen when needed. Resize defines how large a miniature should be generated for the contents. When you choose Full Screen, the picture is not resized. When you choose Full Page, note that it may not look good on the page.

It is recommended to set it to None when you insert full sized pictures as it is superfluous. Once you've finished your edit, click Publish in the upper right corner to make your changes. To learn more about how to edit your WordPress page contents, see these convenient resources: WordPress.org Code, especially the Getting Started with WordPress section.

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