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Through a modular, plugin-based programming structure, we have been able to improve the performance of the WYSIWYG HTML editor and make it more efficient, understandable, extended, modified and maintenance-friendly. Plug-ins extend the basic functionality of the Rich Text Editor. The code of this plugin is available on Github. When you find an error in the plugin, open a problem. The nature of reason offers great editor support.

Optical Text Editor

For anyone who really wants to view a broad variety of contents, from beautifully styled text to pictures and other mediums, without having to learn HTML and CSS. Ideal for all those who want to learn how to use the web, but also for those who don't want to learn HTML and HTML. You can download the plugin on Github. When you find an error in the plugin, open a problem. Nice work with the plugin.

We have to constantly append text to the page bar, and this plugin resolves the problem with the WYSIWYG editor. Happy birthday to the great plugin and all the best for the coming improvements. Hello Govind, I have this plugin already and it works well for me, now I can simply reformat my work.

"Visual Text Editor" is open code text editor based program. This plugin has been created by the following persons. Add preference to specify the editor elevation.

Best 10 jQuery and HTML5 WYSIWYG Plugins

WYSIWYG HTML5 (What You See Is What You Get) editing is always in high demand. What You See Is What You Get) editing is always very popular. I will present 10 of the best jQuery and HTML5 WYSIWYG widgets in this article, which will save you a lot of effort in trying to find the widget that suits your needs. WYSIWYG HTML Editor is simple to implement and use.

JQuery 1.11 is required. The ContentTools is a small and nice editor. It doesn't use a JavaScript frameworks or a JavaScript libraries (not even jQuery), but rather play well with each of them. It' s conceived to be easily expandable. The Raptor Editor is an open sourced JavaScript WYSIWYG HTML editor that is user-friendly and simple to customize and use.

Conceived for in-line machining, it is ideally suited for creating sophisticated multi-block workflows. Using the latest technology such as HTML5 ContentEditable and jQuery capabilities, it includes integrated testing of units and a scalable, expandable codebase and plug-in API. Additionally, it provides a single, easy-to-use interface for the development of HTML5. The Aloha Editor is a fully featured editor to edit your work. WYSIWYG TinyMCE is a platform-independent web-based JavaScript HTML WYSIWYG.

Allows you to translate HTML text area or other HTML element into editor instance.

The CKEditor is a ready-to-use HTML text editor that simplifies the process of creating Web contents. TrustBowyg is the easiest of all here mentioned editor. Whereas all available TYSIWYG editor are bigger than 45kB, Trumbowyg is only 16kb in size. Depending on jQuery >= 1.7. The Redactor is a quick, efficient and extensible editor with a high level technical staff.

Because the editor is plugin-based, it can be expanded quite simply. I have shown you in this post what I think are 10 of the best jQuery and HTML5 WYSIWYG plugins. Hopefully this will help you choose a good text editor for your projects and help you find the plugin that best suits your needs.

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