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Call the Blog Post Editor | Help Center In the Blog Mail Editor you can add new blog entries or modify already created blog entries. How to call the Blog Mail Editor for a new blog post: Go to the Blog Manager. At the top right, click on New Article. How to open the Blog Mail Editor for an exisiting blog post: Go to the Blog Manager.

Move your mouse over the corresponding article and click on Edit. Thank you for your comments! We' re happy it worked!

Edit blog posts | Help Center

Important: You can always change a blog entry, even if it is already there. In order to modify a blog post: Go to the Blog Manager. Move the mouse pointer over the blog entry you want to work on and click Work. Modify your contribution. By clicking Update Mail, you can make the changes public. Important: If you are editing a posted blog entry and saving the changes, you must republish it for the changes to appear first.

A notice of unreleased changes will appear in the Blog Manger until you republish the posting. In order to publicize the unreleased changes: Go to the Blog Manger. Please click on the corresponding article. Please click on Update article. Please note: You can also modify your designs at any uptime. Click Open Mail in the Mail Editor when you are done going online.

The new Wix Blog | Help Center

Build a breathtaking blog and thrive an on-line fellowship with passionate individuals who are sharing your intimacy. Attractive, up-to-date layout makes it easy for your audience to see your contributions and post them with a single click. Reader can join your blog, profile members, like and track postings, annotate pictures and video, and even become authors.

Just append Wix Blog to your website and select one of 8 breathtaking layout. Administer your blog: Make new postings, insert category, organize your commentary and more from your Wix Editor, your web site or your phone. Publish on the go and look amazing on your phone. Contribute and revise postings, remove annotations and organize your blog - all from your portable phone.

Adds catagories: Generate catagories for themes you love. There is a Blog section for each topic, so your blog visitors can browse the major themes of your blog. The Rich Text Editor: With the simple resize and alignment of text, pictures and video, you can look exactly the way you want. Growing an energetic membership base.

Turn any member of your blog into a contributor who can post and comment. It' a great way to turn your blog into a new one. They can like and track contributions, make commentaries with video and pictures, split contributions, track each other and more! Users can customise their own profiles page and view each other's latest postings, follower and comment.

View all the activities of your blog members in one place. Find members by name or sorting them by number of postings, follower and more. Hastag your posts: Include hash tags in your postings to extend your coverage and help your readership find what's important to them. They can receive e-mail and wireless alerts about individuals they are following, commenting on and more.

It' a great way to get folks back to your blog. Just let your reader log in to become a member of your blog via e-mail, Facebook or Google.

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