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Also we offer fiber optic broadband and EE-TV. Make card payments on the My EE website, which automatically renews. "Show desktop site" links It works great to only forward telephones to a "/m" group of templates, thanks. From now on, the clients would like to have a Show Desktop Site shortcut in the portable pedal and a corresponding Show Desktop Site shortcut in the desktop pedal. However, since this feature doesn't seem to be implemented, I added the Session Variables plug-in and have a tag named "force_desktop" with the value "forceit" when you click on the hyperlink in the bottom line.

Movable footing links to a page that places the tag and directs to "/index.php", while the desktop footing goes to a page that corrupts the tag and then directs to "/m". Now I can successfully place, delete and reprint the tag, but in any case detect mobiles will redirect it back to the mobiles template.

It' s as if this part of the condition is analyzed first, and the redirection takes place without consideration of the AND. I' ve tried to rearrange the two sides of the AND, chain it in if/elseif and use the built-in Detect Mobile Refirect, but get the same behaviour no matter what happens.

An example of a desktop site that is redirected to the portable templates, even if the variables are fixed, is given in the desktop site headers. As soon as it diverts, I can see the value of the variables that have been output.

MY EE in the App Store

It' never been simpler to verify your information, invoices and packages. Get add-ons, even include date add-ons. It'?s for a new telephone? The website says if I use the application with Mobile Date, it will know which mobile I am using and refresh it accordingly - but this has never been the case before and the website still says "Unknown device" two month after receiving it.

I use a telephone bought directly from EE, so there can be no problems with where I bought the telephone. So it'?s more about the website. This website shows different information than the application - but the application always shows the right information. I' m on an 8GB map, the application mirrors this, but when I login to the site it shows that I have infinite deal.

EE, but having previously been at Vodafone, Q2 and Three, their cell phone and website experience seems a little better. At 4GEE, the application offers a relatively restricted feature that allows the end users to see the amount of information left and the amount of day left in the months until rollback. Primal critique of the application is the rate at which it attempts to establish a connection to obtain accounting information, 20-30% of the times it makes an mistake with the inscription "something went awry and it's not you, it's us.

It would be a good idea if this application could offer a little more features for 4GEE subscribers who, unlike cellular subscribers, could take advantage of some distant EE routing features. The possibility of resetting the routing device via application (instead of going to the loft or starting the notebook for IP log-in access), for example, would be practical and would save a lot of time.

Similarly, the application could display very granular waveform information from the Routerbox, which would be practical to know to maximize the Routerbox's power - the Routerbox's waveform coverage is very much restricted to just 4 beams. Although the application is usable, I'm sure there are many more features for 4GEE end users, plus the above proposals that could be integrated into the application to enhance the user experiences.

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