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Furniture Outlet El Dorado in Miami International Airport, Miami, FL with Ratings

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Furniture sale at an accessible price

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The Dorado Furniture was opened last November in North Naples.

El Dorado in Miami has opened its new Miami Dorado showsroom in northern Naples. Situated at the north east edge of Airport-Pulling and Pine Ridge, the almost 44,000 square metre flagship stores that superseded the Sports Authority opened its gates on 28 July and welcomed more than 1,000 people. The Dorado was established in 1967 after the shop's creator, Manuel Capó, fled to Cuba on a sailing boat with two of his boys during the Castro period, and left his spouse and other boys behind to create a better home for his expanding team.

Since then, El Dorado Furniture has expanded to more than 1,000 associates and has 13 shows rooms and three outlet centres in Florida, eight of which are in Miami-Dade County, three in Broward County, two in Palm Beach County, a Fort Myers shop just south of Edison Mall that opened in 2014 and is now located in northern Naples.

Fort Myers is the first Fort Myers boutique outside of southern Florida. El Dorado purchased the run-down Colonial Plaza just South of Edison Mall for $9 million in 2011, refurbished it and named it El Dorado Plaza. The expansion to Naples was an easier choice for the six Capó brethren, who also own the burgeoning furnishing imperium.

As Capó said, he and his brethren are slowly taking it up in their growth to prevent them from ending up like other fast expanding networks, only to switch off a few years later. America's Research Group chairman and chief executive officer Britt Beemer says El Dorado occupies a position in the industry that leads the growth of the company's successful cabinetry group.

For Beemer, the fact that El Dorado is not public also gives him an edge over merchants who are under pressure to grow too fast. "In 1994, El Dorado Funiture presented its first studio "boulevard". Rather than browse through a traditional store, clients go along a promenade that resembles an old-fashioned urban road.

The first time you go to El Dorado Furniture in northern Naples, you can't miss the life-size reproduction of the first Chevrolet Impala mint-green Capós estate coach from 1962. In the first years of the business, the Capós used the estate for home delivery and duplicated it as a familiy vehicle.

Gallery ", a shop with sparkling highlights in the shoproom, is known for turning older furnishings in a tradition style into what Harold Class, the store's product manager, refers to as "the new traditional". "Further shops are "Park Place", which presents rustic wooden furnishings, "Liv" with contemporary items and "Coastal" for those looking for a Western style subject.

It also has section for upholstery, offices, terrace, leisure home, country house and home cinema furnishings. Consumers can also buy new dormitories in El Dorado and test their convenience at the store's dormitory specialists. In addition, when your guests are sleepy from your purchases of bedding, the boutique also has a cosy bistro room where they can enjoy a cup of tea or talk to El Dorado designers about your interiors.

During the 1920s Manuel Capó's dad, Simon Capó, established a fashion house store named Casa Capó in the Pinar del Rio area. In the 1950' Casa Capó became one of the biggest manufacturers of furnishings and retailers in Cuba. After the Castro government came to the power and confiscated all privately owned businesses, Casa Capó included, in 1959, Manuel Capó took the decision to escape to the USA. In 1966 Manuel Capó and two of his children, Luis and Carlos, left the islands on a small sailing boat named "El Dorado", left behind his spouse and other children.

"As soon as I got there, my father said I would do everything I could to get the whole house across," said the youngest boy Roberto Capó. Manuel Capó arrived in Mexico within 48 workinghours of his journey to the USA, but a few months later he went to Miami, where he worked in a small furnishing shop.

On 27 June 1967, seven month later, Manuel Capó opened the first El Dorado Furniture Shop in the centre of Miami. "Had I been in the same boots as my father 50 years ago, I don't know if I would have been able to do what he did or had the courage," Capó said.

Capó passed away in 2009 and his spouse Aida passed away at the beginning of the year. Capó's estate continues through his six children who run the expanding company, each of whom plays a different part in the game.

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