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The ElasticSearch improves WordPress search functionality by generating and accelerating more search results. Find out how to configure it in WordPress. With ElasticPress, you can load your WordPress Web site for more satisfied users and administrators.


This is a listing of the astonishing ElasticPress functions contained in the plugin: Look: By understanding information in its real-time nature, ElasticPress can immediately provide compelling and accurate information without compromising website usability. Index text within common filename type and add them to your results.

Propose appropriate contents when the text is typed into the find box. Facettes: Suggest appropriate contents when the text is typed into the text box. Elastic press 2. Tax_query operator EXISTS and NOT EXISTS supported. Don't look for author_name when looking for items in WooCommerce. A re-indexing is required in this release as we are changing the way we send information to Elasticsearch.

Remarkable is also the ElasticPress 2 release. 5+, the facet function, which is enabled by Default, will perform MailType archive and Principal Query searches via Elastic Query. Failure to synchronize the elastic sweep with your contents (possible in some cases ) may cause false contents to be displayed.

Before you send HTML to Elasticsearch, you should not unpack it. Supports PHP 5. 2 backwards compatible. Do not display a facetted widget if the mail types do not provide taxionomy functionality. Elastic press 2. 2nd Edition The Elasticsearch 5 release also contains a number of minor improvements and corrections, as well as Elasticsearch 6 release features. Does not intercomparator WP_Query supports subquery meta-query.

2.4. 2 is a bugfix release. Release 2.4. Elastic searching support 6. Corrects the warnings about synchronization parameters for taxonomies. 2nd Edition If activated, entry boxes of the kind "search" or with the CSS classes "search-field" or "ep-autosuggest" are extended by the Auto-Suggest function. When you enter text in the text box, proposed contents are displayed below, depending on the best results for the text.

In addition, we have added ElasticPress hook and filter to enable you to log queries. Debug Bar ElasticPress plug-in now inserts ElasticPress Log Monitor into ElasticPress Administrator window. It is a very efficient diagnostic utility for searching and scripting problems. Supports the parameters WP_Query field. Prop bile eye. Added a preference option to enable/disable date weights in the Find.

Requisites kukaspawlik. Prop bile eye. Prop bile eye. Corrects the autor_name query box. Requisites ilvankristianto. Requisites ilvankristianto. Troubleshoot WooCommerce post-type alerts. 2.3.1- 2 is a bugfix releaseĀ . Corrects incorrect synchronization message for upgrades. Requisites ilvankristianto. 2nd Edition Launches the Document function that will index text within common filename formats and add them to your results.

We have also added official Elasticsearch 5.3 sponsorship. Enable deshboard synchronization via constant: define('EP_DASHBOARD_SYNC', false);. Prop bile eye. WooCommerce product type taxi supports. Prop bile eye. Requisites ilvankristianto. Requisites ilvankristianto. Release 2.2. When plug-ins contain end-point bugs, try using roots to get the ES release. Requisites ilvankristianto. If there is an issue in the center, stop synchronization of the Dashboard.

Requisites ilvankristianto. 2. 2. 2. 2 is rethinking the modular approach to make ElasticPress a more comprehensive search tool for your business. We have increased the minimal Elasticsearch release to 1. 7 (although we strongly suggest 2+). Elasticsearch 5.2 is the latest Elasticsearch release that has been evaluated. Elasticsearch is not available in this release area, you will see a message in the Dashboard.

Administrator alert if the Elasticsearch currently installed is not between the min/max supportes. 2. 2 support the 1. 2 support the 1. Easy-to-use ElasticPress administrative alerts not setup, first synchronization required, and automatic function enable. That means, if protected content is not enabled, the WooCommerce integrated WooCommerce will not be performed in thedmin.

Corrects multi-dimensional beta queries. Zero with radically improved searching algorithms and a more extensive WP_Query inclusion. Now ElasticPress is even nearer to support the full WP_Query API. Click here for more information.

It also enhances mail synchronization to ensure that mail meets is synchronized with Elasticsearch, adding a number of important hook functions, and of course fixing some annoying errors. Supports inter-query ama. Supports OR linking for control requests. Synchronize the contribution with the elastic search when adding/updating it. Resolves the duplicate query of Elasticsearch by disregarding category_name if taxi_query exists.

Many thanks to Tuan Minh Huynh and all others for their contribution to the 2.0 release. Elastic press 1. Add 9 in an administrative interface, where you can configure your Elasticsearch host and execute your index commands without having to use WP-CLI. 1. 9 also brings some power enhancements to help cut down on storage usage during scripting.

Do not deactivate ElasticPress during scripting. Requisites kukaspawlik. Allows you to filter which mail type we want to use. Checks queries_vars, not queries, to find out the state. Requisites kukaspawlik. Elasticsearch Shield authentification header is added when the constants is used. Requisites kukaspawlik. Corrected an issue that occurred when no Elasticsearch hosts were on.

Elastic press 1. Allows you to perform more advanced WP_Query features such as searching by terms ID and sort by each Elasticsearch attribute. V1.8 also significantly accelerates post-synchronization through non-blocking requests. Append a flag to the key field key field around the key field search fuzziness. Turn post-indexing into a non-blocking inquiry.

Enables the ElasticPress Debug Bar plug-in. Supports item ID and name control requests. Correct the deleting of contributions. Requisites kukaspawlik. If you compare directly method variables in a method variable, use the value instead of the value option in the commodity properties. Supports random documentary path in order of execution. Elastic press 1. Seven reorganizes postal meta-mapping for much more flexibility in meta-queries.

Retained the Elasticsearch pos attribute for backward compatible reasons. From this release, the post-meta is saved in the Elasticsearch properties. Meeta is built as follows: But if you are planning to deal with the new post-mapping, it is important to get an understanding of the subtleties. Now you can efficiently browse for subtypes.

Corrected bug: Complicated meta typs are generated when saving. Elastic press 1.6. All backward incompatibility problems with Elasticsearch 2 fixed. 0x0: Remove fuzzy_like_this request and use multi_match instead. Used character strings instead of arrays for the post-type term if there is only one termination. Elastic press 1.6. Fixed problems with assigning backward compatible with Elasticsearch 2.

Removes the name of the filed item category from object-typical arrays, as they should be referred to as attributes. Discard the paths of item box styles. Elastic press 1. In particular, we now provide Elasticsearch fall-back host and attachment scripting now. Queries stacks are implemented to allow interleaving of queries.

Filters and disables inquiry integrations based on individual queries. We do not want to include the LIKE_text request unless we have a non-empty keyword. Elasticsearch rejects _boost. Enhance the units tests for the order of queries. Now we have the following functions: is_activated, elasticsearch_alive, index_exists und is_activated. Added post_title and post_name oderby parameter handling in WP_Query interface.

Added job parametric assistance. Supports the search_fields argument. Supports authors, titles, excerpts, contents, taxonomies and metas within this document.

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