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Stylish keyboard

Taste the elegant keyboard for the perfect look. Speedlink wireless flat keyboard is an elegant and stylish input device. From the inside out, we meticulously designed and constructed the special keyboard.

fifteen cool-design keyboards for your computer

Displays have undergone a serious change, from dull blocky textures to slender, lean and sexual styles; the good thing is that even keyboarding is being used. You' ve gone from a platter of alpha-numeric keys to more ease of use, ergonomics, style and comfort. Today, different businesses give different keyboard styles new and distinctive looks that set them apart.

When they do, they end up in this ranking of the best and most cool computer keyboard ever. Cyborg' glove keyboard offers a sturdy styling and robust keys for intensive use. Featuring a top side stylus that allows simple one-touch operation of volumes, fluids and backlight.

The keyboard has 12 assignable'Cyborg' keys that you can use to save your favorite macro, such as buy weapons or activate a character's specific skill in a match, just in case everything comes to a speedy pace. The Goldtouch Go is a great keyboard for those who like to go on the road and work, or for those with tasks that require mobility.

You can see below that the keyboard can be collapsed to have a concise form that will save space and is easily portable. Featuring notebook-like keys and shapes, it almost looks like a laptop keyboard, even better. The keyboard has a hand-writing recognition block that works seamlessly with English, Simplified Mandarin, Simplified Mandarin, Simplified Mandarin, Simplified Mandarin, and Simplified Mandarin.

Manuscript Recognition Block is ideal if you want to type rather than sign, or if you need to give your sorrowful hands and hands a rest. Use this keyboard to release the inner recorder within you. The keyboard is the ideal option for those who like to watch films, listen to songs and listen to other medias on their computer.

With this keyboard you can efficiently and conveniently retrieve and manage your PC's multimedia. There is also an intelligent stylus that works both as a mousepad and a numeric keypad. Featuring an outstanding finish, covered with Plexiglas® matt finish and glazed with aluminum, it looks professionally and classy. Featuring the TouchDisc keyboard TouchDisc?, you can browse and browse directly from your keyboard without having to use your mice.

The PerfectStroke? website makes it even simpler to type with a smooth and silent betting environment. The Logitech diNovo Mini is a small handheld keyboard that lets you effortlessly and conveniently operate your computer from a specific location while you sit on your sofa. The ClickPad has two functions that work like both a touchpad and a straight line touchpad, giving you full command of your computer.

The Logitech G510 is specifically engineered for gamer play, making playing an even more immersive game. A GamePanel LCD display shows alerts, players and servers information and much more. The keyboard also has a user-defined colored background illumination so you can customize your keyboard to suit your mood as well as your playing area.

The Logitech Wireless Illuminated keyboard is different from the backlit keyboard. In contrast to all other keyboard types that either highlight the entire button or highlight the spaces between the buttons, this keyboard provides backlighting for the symbols on each button, making all symbols clearly legible in all light conditions.

The wireless keyboard does not require the use of additional battery packs, but must be recharged with the supplied battery pack. The Logitech K350 is known for providing your hand with a comfortable type experience or even when you're not tapping. The curved undulating pattern ensures smooth and pain-free tapping.

The padded hand support would not cause any discomfort in the hand, as the smooth hand support strokes the hand surfaces when tapping and even if the hand surfaces are simply held over them. The Logitech Wireless K400 is a sleek and small keyboard that doesn't require a computer keyboard to use. It' s easy to use this keyboard to operate your laptops or desktops, and with a 10-meter reach, you can operate it with ease while you sit on your sofa.

The Logitech Wireless Solar K750 is a keyboard that's uniquely designed to eliminate the need to take care of the keyboard's batteries, as it has a solar-powered, light-powered charging device on the keyboard that transforms lighting power into electricity and recharges the keyboard batteries even in the presence of a table torch.

The Luxeed U7 Crossover is a great keyboard that has luminous keys and is fully customizable. With the MuSkins? you can make your own musical score and the keyboard lighting dances to the rhythm of the soundtrack. Keyboard has the possibility to switch itself off when not in use. The Maltron one-hand keyboard is conceived in such a way that it can be operated with one hand, which leads to a higher type rate, a convenient user interface and less stress for the user when type.

The keyboard is engineered to track your hands' movement and give you a pain-free type-feeling. Maltron users show that with this keyboard and only one wrist a type rate of approx. 85 words per min. can be attained. The Microsoft Antarctic Wireless Keyboard is another stylistic keyboard that stands out for its sleek bow form that makes it look athletic and pretty.

Elegant and wearable, this keyboard lets you take it with you wherever you go, and with the stow-away nano-receiver, you won't lose it because you can always stash it under the keyboard when you're on the go. Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 has a curved and convenient styling that makes tapping pain-free and keeps your hands well.

The keyboard works with Bluetooth, which means you don't need to connect an additional transmitter-receiver if your computer is already Bluetooth-capable. Microsoft Organic Keyboard has a great and convenient keyboard that makes it easy to type. The keyboard is ergonomically designed to fit the wearer's wrist, allowing intuitive adjustment of the hand and arms and providing convenience for the user's hand when tapping.

The Optimus Maximus is another great keyboard that really sets itself apart from the crowd. What distinguishes this keyboard a little from others are the keys that can be programmed, i.e. the keys on the keyboard are dynamical and you can modify them according to your needs. One of the best keyboard in the whole wide range of applications.

The ProMini wireless keyboard is truly a small-size keyboard that gives you full hand held full power over your computer. There is a pointing device that allows simple input and controlling from a range of up to 100m. There' a small touch pad that you can use as a free mousepad to browse web pages or remotely steer any part of your computer.

Incorporating a film TRON inspiration, the TRON keyboard has a daring sci-fi look that makes this keyboard look exceptional. It''s got bright bluish bright strokes around it, which makes it look nice in the darkness, and with the fantastic looking keys this keyboard really excites.

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