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The Elegant Pink is a versatile, masonry-based, feminine and girlish WordPress theme that can be used to build lively and eye-catching websites. Stylish pink documentary Caution: Before you begin the setup, please make sure that you are using the latest WordPress release and design. Topic demo: With one click we provide free trial imports for Elegant Pink. So if you want to make your website look exactly like the Elegant Pink theme demonstration, you need to get the Rara One Click demonstration plug-in, load the demonstration files and either go through the steps or view the movie below.

Topic documentation: Many thanks for your choice of Elegant Pink! Explains how to install and use this topic. Should you have any question or need help with something related to the topic, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and our committed technical team will be glad to help.

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The Elegant Pink Pro is a beautifully designed, female WordPress Theme that is perfectly suited for high quality blog and journal contents. It' s designed to be fully customizable with a number of different layout, navigation, headings, style, and several high-quality functions to truly make a website one of a kind. Elegant Pink Pro's sleek look and easy handling is sure to delight anybody.

Pink Elegant Pro comes with 6 wonderful homepage designs. Select any desired lay-out for your homepage with just one click. Elegant Pink Pro's 6 Header Layout option lets you customise and build a truly stunning website with a single click. Nice design: Elegant Pink Pro's clear and elegant styling is an eye-catcher that will leave a permanent imprint on your website visitor.

Stylish Pink Pro with its portable, cheerful design makes your website look great on any machine and in any display area. Designed according to best practice so that your website is well optimised and your site is prepared to quickly gain ranking in top ranking results in online and offline markets. Choose from over 600 Google typefaces to make a typeface that looks great, looks good, and adds value to your business.

Join your audience via your own feeds of Pink Pro via Elegant Pink. Make a nice full width slide bar with the Post, Category or Custom boxes and adjust the slide bar velocity and motion to your liking. Bring your look to the next stage by selecting from a vast library of supplied typefaces.

Select from limitless colour schemes and click a single icon to get the accurate look and feel for your blogs you want. High performance radio button: The Elegant Pink Pro has a high-performance optional control Panel that lets you quickly adjust and set up your designs. Footnote Credit Editor: You can simply select to show or hide footnotes and change the text from your footnote on Elegant Pink Pro.

Easy to customize: Select your own colours, modify the look and feel of your pages. Pink Elegant Pro allows you to customise your website simply and without programming. Across multiple web browsers compatible: The Elegant Pink Pro is cross-browser compliant, so all its functions work in all today's popular webmasters. 12 customized Widget's make it easy to customise your website, use it to advertise yourself or your contributions, and enhance usability.

With the theme, you can include a photo and a bio of your postal writer that will help present and reward your authors on your website. 7 plug-in compliant contacts form: Easily administer your Contacts as the Elegant Pink Pro is compliant with one of the most widely used plugins, the Contacts Forms 7 plug-in.

Select from limitless wallpapers, colours, patterns and even up-load your own picture to truly customise your blogs. Character Limit Extract option: Get more controll over the view of your offer page with the ability to modify the extension length. Select from four different page style options to help your site get your traffic right. 22.

Infinite Sidebar: Elegant Pink Pro support infinite side bars, so you can select from a variety of side bars, from no side bar to several side bars, and then simply combine them with your own widegets. Elegant Pink Pro's spreadcrumb options make it easier to navigate to your website traffic. Hovering item allows the item to be followed as the operator scrolls down the screen.

Ease of reading: Pink Elegant Pro is engineered to put your contents in the best possible perspective, with good visibility, a meticulous selection of typefaces and colours. This ensures that the contents are visually appealing and pleasant to the reader. Optimise the entire theme to keep it slim and lightweight so your website is loaded in the blink of an eyes.

Just add the necessary linguistic data to your topic and compile it in the desired idiom. Earn more and see higher CPCs and higher quality R&D with Ad Management in Elegant Pink Pro. Pink Elegant Pro is WooCommerce Ready. Pink Elegant Pro provides Right to Left scripting so that different kinds of tongues are correctly shown on your website.

Sponsorship for children's issues: Children theme assistance makes it easier for you to move your preferences and choices when you refresh your theme and make changes to it. Detailed Pink Pro literature provides step-by-step instructions on how to setup, configure, and adjust your design according to your needs.

Our code is all designer-ready, well organised and annotated, so you can customise the design as you need it.

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