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Staff reviews from Elegant Staffing employees about Elegant Staffing culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security and more. Learn what real customers have said about elegantresorts.co.uk.

Les Employer Critiques pour Elegant MikroWeb

It was a great start to my carreer in this business and it was a great time. Work on Saturday and Sunday without compensation - free. Employees who work on Saturdays or Sundays should be compensated or a certain amount of pay should be made. More than two years with Elegant Microweb. This was a great trip and a great study time.

It was a great experience working with Elegant Family. A great learning experience, a good team and individual support from the CEO. A great learning experience, a good team and individual support from the CEO.

Work at Elegant Staffing: staff evaluations

An elegant staff is a beautiful organisation to work for. I have a great deal of exposure to this business, great guys, great environment. Sometimes it was a sideboard or a 3-part dinner with starter, lettuce and dinner. A great place to work and get to know new folks.

Find out more about gastronomy and the organisation of big parties. A good place to work. Enjoying the world around me and the work morale. Moving to a different site per part-time helps me a great deal to expand and work with different individuals and learning different ways of working in my area. Working times are adaptable. Great boyfriendships and forever good testimonials.

Come by during the ArtWalk and drink, snack and stay with the in-house artist. There was a flexibility of working environments with the possibility to work with your timetable. This was a professionally designed working enviroment that allowed you to work and collaborate with different companies. Whenever I want, I am free to choose my own timetable. Paid every workday.

Enjoyment the service of the guest at dinner, corporate party, weddings, charity and many other top-class meetings. It was very pleasant to see important souls. Has had the honour to see Jay Leno, the Lord Mayor of Atlanta and several other Shirley Franklin politicians. They' re agile, great companies you can work for, sometimes work gets too sluggish and there won't be enough cash to work for.

At Elegant staffing, I really wanted to work with everyone.

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