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The Divi is a revolutionary WordPress theme and Visual Page Builder for WordPress. Elegant WordPress theme is a free business and portfolio theme perfect for small businesses, freelancers, nonprofits, bloggers and more. The Elegant Themes Review 2018 - What do they provide and is it really valuable?

When you are looking for a new WordPress theme, you will almost certainly find Elegant theming. Elegant theming is one of the largest players in the WordPress eco-system with a large range of compelling topics, a choice of high-performance plug-ins and an energetic users group. Elegant Topics on print certainly merit a place on your short list when it comes to theme and plug-in buying.

Would you like to register with this WordPress base or proceed with your query? The Elegant theme has been in use for eight years and has so far serviced over 500,000 people. Currently, elegant theme offers 87 WordPress topics and five plug-ins. Having full control over all their topics (including their flag "Divi" theme - read more below) and plug-ins will earn you $89 a year, making them very affordable.

However, if you intend to use your product for several years, it is actually your slightly more expensive "Lifetime Access" plans, which is the cheapest and gives you full and unlimited acces to all your current and upcoming product for a one-time charge of $249. Is Elegant theming the right choise for your projects? Let us begin with a look at the various topics offered before we move on to the plug-ins.

Once you sign up for Elegant Topics, you will have 87 WordPress topics at the cost of what you could afford for just one topic elsewhere. With Divi's advent in 2013, Elegant Topics has focused on making this the best WordPress theme available.

They were followed by Extra and together they have become the highlight of the Elegant Themes range. The Divi is the Elegant flag ship and is truly multi-purpose, with the possibility to build almost any kind of website. Divi is without a doubt a powerful website creation software, from blogging and commercial websites to e-commerce shops and everything in between.

It is also perfect for new WordPress publishers who want to build customized Web pages without ever having to look at a line of coding. This strong theme, however, is also loved by web design professionals who are looking for a way to make construction projects more effective for their customers.

One of the main factors why Divi is chosen by web design professionals, both novice and seasoned, is the useful suite of high-quality template files and the power of the drag-and-drop page creator tools. Uploading one of the Divi-Layouts will give you a fast way to launch your website, and the new and enhanced Divi Builder can be used to customise these layout via an intuitive front-end dragging & dropping GUI.

With Divi, you can also start building your own themes from the ground up. Regardless of your qualification Divi does a good work in democratising web designing. For those new to WordPress, you can use the Divi layout in combination with the Builder's point-and-click interfaces to build customized page themes. The Divi Lead Tools is another of the features of this theme that is well deserving of mention.

You can use your dive lead to perform splitting tests on the look and feel of your website. Have you ever asked yourself which heading or colour your visitor will best react to? If so, Division Lead eliminates the guessing. Vivi Lead makes it simple to view several variants of your website and its contents, so you can just lean back and await the results.

When you need to build sites that converge against their objectives - whether for yourself or for your customers - Divi Lead will be an inestimable complement to your toolset. Divi's only true disadvantage over Avada and the other best-selling multi-purpose sites is the absence of full website demonstrations.

You can have your own set of pages for your website with Vivi, but unlike Avada or Enfold, there is no one-click import to fill an entire website with demos. The Elegant Themes blogs constantly make new layout and template for divis available.

Although you won't be able to bring an whole website into your WordPress install, you won't be missing any new themes for your website pages. Overall, Divi is a good option for creative people who want to create a customized WordPress website, regardless of their technological skills. Special Theme (Watch Life Demo) was started after Divi and contains many of its best functions.

Whilst Divi is a multi-purpose theme, Extra has been developed for blogging, on-line magazine and other content-rich sites. An extra feature is an image-focused homepage lay-out that uses the presented pictures from your items to attract your readers' interest. This theme's theme focuses on tempting your customers to click through to more of your items.

Since Extra contains the powerfull Divi Builders utility, you can adjust all of the theme's template using a frontend dragging & dropping UI. In addition to that, you can use the Builders and its module libraries to build customized themes for each item you post on your website. Extra and DiviBuilder lets you build customized page layout that overlays text onto pictures, contains photocollages, uses pulled offers, contains multi-column and other proven ingredients to update your website from a simple blogs to a professional-looking on-line publishing experience.

If you don't want to use the built-in Divi Builder, Extras is still a good option for Blogger and on-line magazines websites. You can also use WordPress for creating an e-commerce site thanks to its full WooCommerce plug-in functionality. When you want to set up an on-line storefront or just want to put tangible or intangible items on your blogs or magazines,xtra is more than just up to the job.

As Elegant designed Themes Divi with the aim of making it the best theme for any WordPress website, Extra was developed as the best theme for blogs and on-line publishing. You have definitely done a good piece of work, and Extra is a highly competetive topic that any journalist or web page publisher should consider.

Whilst Divi and, to a lesser degree, Extras are multi-purpose topics that can be used to build any kind of website, the other topics are more concentrated on a particular kind of particular site. It is possible that you will find a theme from Elegant Themes' back catalogue that is suitable for your website.

But if you really want to take full benefit of what Elegant theming has to store and on which you have been working for the past few years, you should only consider the Divi and Extras items in your collections. As you sign up with Elegant Topics, you'll gain Divi entry, one of the best WordPress topics and an amazing special issue theme, so you won't be too enthusiastic about the other 85 choices.

But as we will see in the next section of this elegant topic post, there are more good reason to opt for this business than just its WordPress flagships. The Divi and Extra teams have also developed a number of high-quality WordPress plug-ins.

Divi Builders plug-in is built on the Page Builders integrated into Divi and Special theming. Divi Builders, included in the latest versions of the Divi and Extras topics, have a frontend GUI. We have not yet updated the Divi Builders plug-in with this patch (it will be added in the future).

Since it is a stand-alone plug-in, you can use this Divi Builders release with any WordPress theme. Divi Builders plug-in can still be used to build user-defined page themes, but via a backend builders IDE. You can use this link to generate extended page layout with several lines and column.

Additional useful functions of the Divi Builders plug-in are the possibility to quickly copy and paste any page item in the Builders, copy and paste in the Builders, infinite undo and redo, and an easier way to customize your pages with your own customized styles. Divi Builders plug-in now makes it simple to store any page lay-out, section or modules in your libraries and re-use them elsewhere on your website.

If you don't use Elegant Themes design, you should be able to use Divi Builders to personalize your WordPress website. So if you prefer to use a more minimalist design (such as those created by StudioPress rather than Divi), but still want the option to make your own customized themes for your contents, the Divi Builders plug-in might be a good one.

Compared to the other drag-and-drop plug-ins for the page creator, Vivi builder performs well for WordPress. But until the frontend is added to the plug-in, there are more user-friendly WordPress Page builder plug-ins. Learn more about this plug-in in our handy divi builders reviews. Fortunately, Bloom is a plug-in that can help your users register and submit their e-mail adresses.

There is also a blocked contents page where your users must type in their e-mail addresses and add themselves to your mailing lists in order to get acces to a particular type of contents. Because you can build more than one template and then view them in certain areas of your Web site, you can truly customize the look and feel of your templates to fit the items that use them.

Because of these capabilities, Bloom performs well compared to other major e-mail opt-in forms plug-ins such as OptinMonster and Thrive Lead. For more information about this utility, please read our Bloom WordPress plug-in reviews. Monarch plug-in is designed to help you maximize the number of shares of your contents on your favorite networks.

As with the remainder of the Elegant Themes Tool, Monarch gives you a great deal of power over how your favorite content displays your searches. Adjustments are done through a user-friendly GUI with many features and adjustments to make sure this plug-in works exactly the way you want it to.

Because Monarch is one of the best WordPress plugs for your online content, it's great to get your Elegant Themes account as part of your Elegant Themes subscription. A few years ago, Elegant Themes had a reputable position in providing less intelligent technical assistance to its clients. Having looked at this and been a satisfied client for a while, I am glad to inform you that Elegant Themes seems to have solved all problems.

Its main catalogues are periodically upgraded and enhanced, and on-line information on its topics and plug-ins is comprehensive, and includes video and text. Anyone with an Elegant Topics current subscription can open a subscription by asking a query in the Elegant Topics FAQs. Besides a sub-forum for general questions, each Elegant theme has its own dedicated sub-board.

Elegant Topics supports forum are manned by a technical supporter staff who, in my opinion, answer your question quickly and efficiently. Given such a large number of users, it is not surprising that Elegant Themen and its related product have formed a large society and a large eco-system. Now there are a number of Facebook groups actively involved, market places that sell children's topics, and Divi -related blogging.

Elegant Themes is one of the most visited WordPress websites. In addition to posting suggestions and hints for webmasters and WordPress people, the site often features new page layout and other features for Divi people. There is also the Divi Nation podcast for messages and interview with Divi people.

There is no doubt that Divi is one of the best and most loved WordPress multi-purpose topics. How to buy Divi and Extra, along with 85 (admittedly becoming obsolete ) other topics for only $89 (along with a fistful of very useful plugins), registering with Elegant Topics is good value for your investment.

Upgraded Divi Builder, which is at the heart of the Divi theme, is also one of the best WordPress page creators available today. Everyone, from these new ones to website creation to experienced web designer, can take advantage of the Divi Builder's capabilities. But Divi, Extra and Elegant designs are not suitable for everyone.

Because they are such versatile topics, there is a great deal of creativity that could be stunning - especially if you don't have a clear view of your website. But if you prefer to have a theme created for a particular theme, such as a web site or on-line product range, you might be better off looking at the topics available from some of the other more focussed theme stores.

But if you are looking for a WordPress theme that lets you build any kind of website, Divi and Extra and their myriad customisation features and options are tough to outperform. Add the remainder of the advantages of registering with Elegant Themes and you should have everything you need to make your WordPress website a hit.

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