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The Divi Store is a complete product archive with all our children's themes, plugins and extensions. Every product is tested for each new version of Divi and WordPress. The best-selling WordPress theme by Elegant Themes is Divi. The Divi theme is a very versatile one.

Compatible with Divi through elegant designs

It makes it simple to fix Divi by Elegant theme (ET) interoperability by resolving the problem where Divi and other topics overwrite the "Number of displayed incidents per page" option of the meeting schedule, thus affecting page layout. This also fixes some problems with the Mini Calendar Widget and the Advanced Eventlist widget (both available with the Events Calendar PRO ) when placed in a side bar when using the Divi Theme or Divi Builders plug-in.

ET's theme (not a plugin like Divi Builder) sets it to 5 by defaults. This enhancement resolves the problem of Post_per_page / Pageination in all view windows of the current album. Should Divi and Divi-based topics require further corrections for compatibilities in the near term, this enhancement is likely to be upgraded to include the necessary extra corrections.

Stylish designs issue safety alerts for Divi-Thema and Divi-Builder.

The Elegant Topics informed the user that updates to some of their product releases were available to address safety problems. Concerned topics and plugs are the Divi and Special topics, as well as their Divi Builders plugs. You recommend your site visitors to upgrade as soon as possible to make sure their site remains safe.

Elegant Themes' Nick Roach explained the problem this way: Those defaults included a flaw that allowed logged-in WordPress editors, regardless of their roles, to access mail contents, as well as shortcuts that had been handled, from mail that had last been handled by the traditional Divi Builder. The problem affects all sites that use Divi, Extra and Divi Builders with these unique criteria:

You can use Divi, Extra or Divi Builder. Permit or install plug-ins that allow you to register your license. Create pages with the Divi Builders or install plug-ins that allow privileged people to post articles. Upgrading your design and the Divi Builders plug-in will fix this problem. And if you are currently licensed, you should be able to run these upgrades from your WordPress dashboard.

Also, you can get the latest version from your Elegant Themes album. Actually, the updates are: The Elegant Themes extends the upgrade to all user even if the user is logged out. Once you have finished, you should be able to refresh via the WordPress Dashboard. Many thanks to Elegant Themes for the clarity in this edition.

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