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Setting up the following online offering is certainly not easy, but the newly released Extra WordPress Theme from Elegant Themes can help. Elegant themes give you so much more extra power. A WordPress theme in the Elegant Themes Magazin look is the additional theme. What is a magazine-style topic? It is a topic with a complicated page design.

Whereas a blog typically uses a single lay-out with a single side bar columns for a single page of information, a single design for a magazine contains more than one area of information - not just on the front page.

Instead, you can use the theme to group contents by categories or topics. As a rule, papers, magazines and television channels use topics in the manner of Magazins. They are not suitable for everyone, but if your company has more than one track or section of contents, it might be exactly what your website needs. Out of all the topics for our magazins out there, Extra is one of the most varied and easy to use.

This is because it uses the Divi Visual Builder I wrote about here. I' ll just say without revealing all of Divi's wealth - and they're a legend - that Divi Builders gives you an amazing amount of power over almost every facet of your website's look and feel without the need for programming.

In addition, Extra has some functions that Divi does not have. I' ve been playing around with some extra and using contents from my Future Expats page. Whilst you can use Divi to create the same effect, Extra comes standard with the Block/Raster indicator. The Divi builder has been enhanced by Elegant Themes with the Extra theme, so that it also contains post-based categories now.

If you group them then the colour will unify them and serve as an extra way to recognize the group. In contrast to the default WordPress theme, where all pages except the home page use the same page spacing, you can customize any page on your site to fit any page you like. Divi Builders gives you this versatility.

Additional provides a new user-defined mail style for projects, so it's really simple to present beautiful portfolio to present your work. Extras does not restrict your headers and your layouts. As it is aimed at Blogger and Publisher, the topic Extra contains seven different mail types: Built-in Social Sharing button and Extra's Dynamic Watchdog make it simple for your audience to easily track you in your favorite online community and easily publish your contents without the need for plug-ins.

When you are selling on your website, it makes extra simple. Like you would expect from a topic with so many choices, there is a study bend. When you' re new to WordPress, you should try a simple theme before getting into Extra. However, if you are already familiar with WordPress and need to publish several themes on your website, Extra can give your company the necessary push.

The Elegant theme uses a subscriber mode. You can use any or all of their topics for an annuity charge (currently there are 87, although a number are older and not portable, therefore not recommended). Topic update and technical assistance are only available with a recent subscriptions. Elegant themmes, as I've already said, is one of my two WordPress theme creators, and because their topics are so fantastic, I've joined them.

It' not much, but it does help keep the site running and help me keep my rates low when you ask me to create a WordPress page for you. Get the extra theme here.

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