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Stylish Theme Builder

Developed by Elegant Themes, the Elegant Theme Builder plugin lets you drag and drop elements to create pages and is a great addition to any theme. Both the Elegant Themes Divi Builder and Themify Builder are strong builders and both have their advantages and disadvantages. In the future change topics or even page creator?

High-performance Builder plugin for any topic

Builder is added below the text editors when you write your articles and pages, so you can make a layout for each article or page on your site. The Builder can also be disabled for single postings if you do not want to use it in a particular instances. Builder comes with what we call "modules."

Moules are various items that can be added to your page. In order to insert a new item to your page, just select the required item from the available items and place it on your screen. Then you can modify the preferences of the modul, resize it and relocate it.

Those enhanced features allow you to do things that would previously have required tonnes of HTML and Java Script, such as picture slider, switchable contents, style controls, and more. You can change the sizes of your panels just by click on the edges of the panels and drag them to the required sizes.

Builds are "drag and drop", i.e. you can organize your contents in a visual way using a simple mouse click. You no longer have to scroll through rows of shortcuts in the posting editors or, even more importantly, through rows of HTML editors when you publish your contributions.

If I' m not working on new topics too much, I like to write one or two articles in our blogs!

Stylish Design Drag&Drop Page Builder Plugin for the page creator

Elegant themes created Elegant themes Builder plug-in allows you to build pages using dragging and dropping. Quickly and simply reorder page items that need to be inserted into the topic coding. Move around free in everything from boxing to toggling to make the right page or contribution.

Developed to work with any topic (not just those on Elegant Themes), the plug-in is a great plug-in to have in your back for current or upcoming work. It is only available as part of the Developer Package, but it's really rewarding.

Use the plug-in on any page or posting, or deactivate it on a particular page or posting. It' 100% up to you. Using simple " Module " commands, simply add and remove items from the main page to your own page or posting by using simple drag & drop. Change the sizes of items by pulling the border of an item until you get the desired sizing.

Free arrangement of items and then reorder. Elegant themed builder plug-in is a great value, and Elegant themes have surpassed themselves when they put it together. It is a very flexible plug-in and would be a powerful complement to any topic.

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