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Chamaeleons are known for their ability to change the colour of their skin. Chamaeleon-Topic Readme Sign up and search for the topic you want in the dropdown and click on the "Download" button. You have two choices to download: Topic pack and PSD files. Please click on the Topic Pack links to dowload the topic. The next step is to use the WordPress Dashboard to load the zipped files you just uploaded to your website.

Sign in to wp-admin and click on the Appearances > Themes Tab. Then click on the "Install Topics" icon and then on the "Upload" shortcut. "Once the design is loaded, you can enable it from the Appearances > Themes page. A picture can be defined for each contribution, which will be shown together with your contents on the pages Contributions and Categories.

Thumbnails ( also known as Featured Images) are added with the "Featured Image" checkbox in your WordPress Dashboard. When creating or editing a contribution, search for the Featured Imaging field. To the right of your text editors or below your text editors, this field appears, according to your monitor used.

By clicking on the "Set featured images " button, you can load the images you want to use. After uploading, browse down and choose "Full Screen" as the picture resize, then click the "Use as feature image" button. The picture is now used as a thumbnail for the contribution.

Caution: The WordPress Miniature View feature adjusts the size of the uploaded picture depending on which miniature view size is required for your subject. Every and every times you modify a design, you need to regenerate these previews so that they match your new design well. Use the Regenerate Thursday Nails plug-in to regenerate your mini views each and every times you rotate the motif.

Once you have enabled this look, you should run this plug-in to refresh all your old thumbnail images to prevent look mismatches. On the ePanel Topic page, you can set up your own ePanel topic in your WordPress Dashboard. In ePanel, on the General Settings > General tab, find the Logon box.

Enter the full name of the company to which you want to add your company in the box below. If you have not already done so, you can use the "Upload image" icon below the box to do so. Once installed, copy and paste your ePanel filename into the box and click the " Store " tab to store your ePanel preferences.

In case you don't have a picture of the company you can use the provided company logos. pdf document as a base. You can find these directories (logo. click here for logos and logo_blank.png) in the themes packages in the /psd/ directory. Modify the pictures used in each ad and the link to the URL of each ad using wp-admin's customized options pages.

When you are signed in to the administration area of Microsoft Wordpress, click on "Design" and then on "Chameleon Subject Options" to view the various topic settings. What do I do to adjust the slide control on the homepage? There are two ways to adjust the slide control presented here. On the Appearances > Chameleon theme page, Chameleon topic settings in wp-admin, under the General Settings > Features sliders page, you will see an item labeled "Use Pages.

" When you choose this checkbox, pages will be used, if not, postings will be used. To use pages, just choose "Use pages" and then under the options choose which pages you want to show in the slide bar. When you are not using pages, just choose the featured categories from the drop-down list and contributions from that categories will be added to the slide bar.

To toggle between each slide types, use the ePanel General Settings > Featured sliders dialog. Each of these messages comes from a unique topic set in the ePanel topic option. Go to the Appearances > Chameleon Theme Options page and click the General Settings > Homepage page.

In order to include an images to the container toolbar, all you need to do is include the user-defined Thumbnail box in each of the items, as described in the "Adding Thumbnails Images to Posts" Tutorial above. Define three pages that you want to use for these three blurs, then go to the Appearances > Chameleon Theme Options page and click the General Settings> Home page.

With Chameleon you can easily modify which typefaces are used in the topic. Headers and bodies can be changed in the General settings > General page, independent of the Appearances > Chameleon themme options page. Search for the "Header Font" and "Body Font" preferences and choose the required typeface from the drop-down list.

The Chameleon offers a variety of different backgrounds. Changing the colour of the wallpaper and choosing from a variety of overlays gives your wallpaper a truly one-of-a-kind look. In order to customize the wallpaper colour of your design, customize the Wallpaper Colour preference in ePanel on the General Settings > General Tab.

The next step is to select a wallpaper finish using the Wallpaper finish preference in ePanel's General Settings > General tab. It is also possible to up-load your own wallpaper using the "Wallpaper" options. The Chameleon comes with a sophisticated custom keypad that lets you customize the look and feel of your design as you edit it.

Instead of adjusting colours individually in ePanel and saveing/previewing them on the go, this operation makes it easy to select large colour schemes. In order to activate the operation field, search for the item "Show operation field" in the General Preferences > General tab of ePanel. As soon as this is selected, a preferences window will appear on the far side of the page when you browse your website.

You can use the different options to customize the colours of your design until you find a match that you like. Just insert the colour value of your choice into ePanel and turn off the front control to complete your set-up. Rather than following the above directions, some folks choose to just load the example files first and then substitute the contents of the doll with their own.

The example datafile comes with all themes and is in your themes directory here: sampledata/sample.xml. Be sure to select the "Import panel settings" option when importing. Each of our themes comes with a set of page layouts that can be used for a wide range of uses.

As soon as a page Templates has been chosen, further options appear in the ET Page Templates Properties dialog below the drop-down list. You should configure these options to achieve the results you want, as described in this movie tour. Your design is updated via the WordPress Dashboard, just like any other design.

Please click here to get the ZIP-file and click Plugins > Create New to create your WordPress Dashboard. After it is up and running, browse to the Settings > General page and browse to the bottom of the page. Now you can upgrade your design when a new release is published from the Dashboard > Updates page or Appearances > Themes page.

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