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The Divi Demo layouts are inspired by Elegant Themes examples that have been processed into layouts with image placeholders so you can import them into any Divi website. Use of prefabricated layouts in Divi When you create or edit a page, you can directly from the Divi Builders directly create and edit ready-made page layout and directly imports them. If you are adding a new page from the WordPress Dashboard, provide the Viewer to your computer. Click on the "Select a Prefabricated Layout" button. As a result, the pop-up "Load From Library" is opened where you can find all ready-made layout files.

The Load From Library pop-up window provides three different panes. On the " Your stored layout " page, you can view all your personal stored layout files in the Divi library. The Your Current Pages page contains a listing of all the pages (including Contributions and Projects) currently on your site where you can create a copy of an already created page to start designing a new page.

The Prefabricated layouts page lets you find a new design simply by browsing the package lists or looking for categories in the menu on the right. As soon as you have selected a package page you will be able to see a pre-view of all page lays in it.

When you click on a page on the right side, a page thumbnail of the right side is generated. Below the thumbnail you can click the "View Life Demo" icon to open the Life Demo of the page in a new tabs. If you' re willing to use the layouts, just click the "Use this layout" icon to host the layouts on your page.

The addition of a ready-made page lay-out to a page is not a one-time thing. Within the Viewer, you can always retrieve new page designs for new or legacy pages. Just open the Page Setup screen of the Viewer at the bottom of the page by tapping the violet three-point circular mark.

Click the "Load From Library" button to open the pop-up window containing the ready-made library designs. Either upload a ready-made page to an empty page, upload an exisiting page, or substitute your current contents. If you upload a design to a page that is empty, the design is just added to your page as you expect.

When you load a prefabricated design onto an exisiting page, the design is added to the page's contents by default. Here is a list of the options available. So, if you don't see a modification on your page when you append a new page to your page, you'll need to move down to see the new page contents provided in supplement to the current one.

To completely substitute the new pre-designed design for the entire contents of the current design, you can enable the Pre-designed Design Replacement feature before selecting the pre-designed design. You will find this item directly below the button and button previews. Once you have stored your Divi Library layouts, you can call them from the Load From Library pop-up window under the Your Saved Layouts tabs.

In order to upload the stored page to your page, just click on the stored page from the drop-down menu. Learn more about how to save and download user-defined designs to Divi. Or you can start the page creation process by creating a copy of one of your website's pages. On the " Your Pages " page, click and choose the page you want to create.

As a result, the page design (and content) is transferred to your new page. Adding pre-built page styles to start a new page build opens up a whole range of possibilities for you to create your own custom page styles. As soon as the designs are ready, you can customize them as you like.

If, for example, you want a particular section but don't want to have a particular section, just remove it by pressing the recycle bin button for that section and it's gone! And, by substituting your own contents for each item on the page, you can create a nice customized website in just a few moments.

When you want to modify the text, just highlight the text and begin input. Further information about editing items with the help of the Viewer can be found in our article about getting into the Divi Builders.

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