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I wrote for the Elegant Themes blog. The Elegant Themes Divi 3.0 course is a course for web designers who want to use Divi 3.0 to create professional looking websites.

We have Divi 3.1 now! Introduction of the new Divi Developer APIs

We' re really nervous today to announce the Divi 3 launch. 1, the largest and most ambitioned fix we've ever done since the Divi 3 was released. Updated to open Divi with a new developer interface that makes it simple to build user-defined models that are compliant with Divis visual builders.

Featuring comprehensive docs and Tutorials, this new application programming interface includes a Divi Extension creation tool that helps you start your own customized Divi-Module. As more and more third-party software is made available, this major upgrade will lay the groundwork for a flourishing developer ecosystem that will bring great benefits to every Divi customer.

You can now take full benefit of Divi's Dynamic Building Technologies to build customized plug-ins and enhancements that fit your needs and those of the industry. A user-defined reaction feature displays a real-time real-time view of your modul in the Builders so that your modul's user can intuitively visualize its configuration.

As soon as the basis of your plugin is built, the replication of the PHP render method in React is a relatively easy one. Divi then does the remainder and renders your modules again whenever its preferences are changed again and again for you. It is a great and exciting occasion for the Divi comunity.

Our goal is to enable designers by giving them the opportunity to build customized visual builders that they can use for their customers or share with the broader Divi user population. Now if you've ever had the idea to go a little further into Divi, now is the right moment to get it on!

Many great third-party customized plug-ins already exists for Divi. We not only give designers the necessary tool to upgrade their module with full assistance for full visible processing, but we also extend the assistance for these module types within our own automatic finite volume version of our toolbar.

In a nutshell, you can now modify all third-party plug-ins in your Visual builder, just like in the traditional Divi Builder. Unless you have activated assistance for viewing the modul, it is displayed as a simple rectangular part. That means that if you have avoided the use of the Viewer due to third parties' non-compatible plug-ins, you would like to know that these plug-ins can now be processed in the Viewer without any extra set-up by the developers of the plug-ins.

Together with Divi 3. All of our development documents contain step-by-step instructions that show you how to build your own Divi module and give you a complete view of the Divi API. Together with our manual comes the utilities program Create Divi Extension, which includes a boiler plate to quickly build user-defined Divi-Module.

Just one click sets up your developer interface, installs developer interdependencies, and creates a React-Base application within a WordPress plug-in with all the necessary data and the right setup to register your new extensions with Divi and WordPress. After all, it will be producing a basis unit that is ready for immediate use.

Then you can get started and configure your expansion and build your own modules. Once you're done, a simple instruction optimizes your expansion and prepares it for mass produced. Open Sourced, this new tool is built on Create React App. Additionally to the Create Divi extension utilities, we have also provided a simple example of Divi Extensions that you can use to study.

It is the ideal way to create a customized Divi-Modul. If I' m not working on new topics too much, I like to write one or two articles in our blogs!

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