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Each week we provide you with new and free divi-layout packages that you can use for your next project. Also read the review of the Elegant Themes Blog: Stylish Themes, home of the Divi Theme, says this about the Divi Blog Module. "With Divi, even blogs are a module, and your "blog" can be placed anywhere on your website and in various formats. Combine Blog and Sidebar modules to create classic blog designs.

To use Divi Blog post formats

If you are writing a blog entry to be added to one of our blog modules, you can choose one of 6 different posting types. Articles, videos, audio, offer, gallery and link. Either of these styles will structure your contribution differently and place more emphasis on the nature of the piece of information it is representing.

If you are writing a blog entry, you will see a checkbox to the right of your text editors named "Format". This field contains the 6 formats available. Selecting "Standard" results in a normally styled blog entry, while each other choice has a one-of-a-kind look associated with the style used.

If you choose the size of the message, a message will be inserted at the top of your message. This also replaces the default thumbnail picture on index pages with a movie-embedding. Once you have chosen the postal style "Video" in the field Formats option, the next step is to include a videotape in your posting that will use the first videotape in your posting as the formative.

In order to include a movie in your posting, just enter the videos from our videos link in the posting tool or use the "Add Media" link to load and embedded your own movie files. If you select the Audiopost option, an audioplayer will appear on your message. This also replaces the default thumbnail on the index pages with your audioplayer.

Audioplayer plays the first sound clip you have embedded in your contribution. In order to include an additional sound to your contribution, use the "Add Media" icon to load your sound. It is not possible to mount the sound track. As soon as you submit a filename, the design uses it autmatically for the contribution you are currently working on.

You must upload the sound while you are processing the contribution. Quotation Mail shows a stylised quotation at the top of your posting. This offer also replaces the default thumbnail picture on all index pages. Selecting the option, the first Blockquote in your contribution will be used by the mail streaming media. Once chosen, Blockquote can be added from within the mail streaming media using the Mail Streaming Media menu.

Just select your text and then hit the block quota key to turn it into an offer. Galerie Postformat displays a galery with pictures at the top of your contribution. As soon as you select it, the Galerie Mail Viewer will use the first Galerie you have added to your mail. You can add your own Galerie to your mail using the WordPress Media Editor.

Just click the "Add Media" icon to build a photo galery and include it in your posting. Left mail creates a stylised left and inserts it at the top of your message. When you select it, the mail links will use the first hyperlink in your posting as the primary hyperlink for your site.

It will be placed at the top of your posting and also replaces the default thumbnail on all index pages. To include a shortcut to your posting, you can use the shortcut in the WordPress Mailditor.

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