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Learn how to add, configure and customize the Divi contact form module. When the email address in the theme options is GMAIL, use the SMTP settings for gmail. The Divi contact form does not work - Solutions

I would like to describe in this paper what to do if your Divi contact form does not send e-mails. So, when you create a Divi website using the contact form engine, first test the contact form to see if it works or not. We' ll be installing an Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) plug-in to make it work.

First thing you should do if your contact form doesn't work is to create an e-mail address with your web hosters ( if you already have one ). Then go to your WP administration area and download the plug-in SMTP. Enable it and fill in all the boxes in the Preferences (WP Administration Panel: Preferences > SMTP WP Easy) as shown in my screenshots below.

The following information is required: So if your web host has SSL encoding, select this as I did. Once you have entered all the information, click on "Save changes". Regarding your user name ( 8 ) and your user name ( 9 ), these are the e-mail address of your webmaster.

If you need one, it will be used to deliver the e-mails via your contact form. No, you don't have to use it, just build it and keep using your Gmail mailbox ( or whatever ) for yourmails. On the Preferences page above you will see "Test Email", so just type the e-mail you want to e-mail from your contact form to in the "To" area.

Type in a reference and a text and click on the "Send test email" link. Verify your e-mail and voice mail that you have it. Your contact form should now work. Well, it was quite simple, wasn't it?

The Divi contact form does not work? Find out how to fix it here.

A lot of people contact us and ask about the problems with the Divi Module contact form, which does not sent e-mails. Like the problem with the Divi Builder, this is one of the most common queries to new Divi user. Often, this problem is related to the way your hosted mailings configure PHP, which in most cases causes problems when you are trying to mail and recieve email.

Using the mail() feature is the simplest way to use PHP to email. This feature, however, has drawbacks such as the ability to bulk email and the absence of authentification on the servers, which results in all our email being sent to the spamming inbox. In the case of a physical email address, message transfer is done by means of SMS. The message is sent via SMS to another email address.

Once the mailserver is properly set up, your e-mails will be sent from a true mailserver user and will not be flagged as spamming. WordPress doesn't sent e-mails why? In order to cut down on the amount of spamming, some organizations use filtering to verify the initial whereabouts of your message, and if they differ from the whereabouts your message purports to come from, they block it even before it reaches the spamming directory.

Therefore, if all the actions I am explaining to fix the problem with the Divi form fails, I suggest that you use the Smtp method to mail from WordPress. If the Divi contact form does not work, the most frequent error in this regard is that the e-mails are not sent.

There may be some reason we should consider if you are having trouble submitting or retrieving email using the Divi contact form. So, when you create a web with a contact form, first do a test to make sure it works. First thing I strongly suggest you do is run a test in your seat with a unique plug-in named Email Control.

Simply download the plug-in and go to Checking E-mail in the Tools pull-down in your WordPress dashboard, type in the e-mail message you want to submit and click the button send test e-mail. Until you say it's not working, make sure you verify your spamming or spam folders. Normally there are no problems with Gmail account, but if you mail to Hotmail, they're probably there.

If you try to make a legitimate Wordpress@domain of your choice, please include the e-mail in your host and add it to your page settings. So if you are already checking the other stages and are sure that your e-mail is being sent from your own servers, there is a chance that your @yourdomain.com has been banned by the e-mail service with which you are conducting the test.

Eventually I came to the result that my domains were locked in a Hotmail spamming e-mail assault. When you are sure that you did not receive the e-mail from your own mail servers, please read these directions, which should work with most e-mail vendors, even the e-mail you generated with your hosting provider within cPanel.

When it still doesn't work, just send an Email to in your web host, wordpress@yourdomain.com. Your problems may lie in the configuring your servers mails, see this help file from Google.

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