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Learn how to use your Divi layouts; you must use the Divi theme with an active membership. Build a new page and load Divi Builder or Visual Builde. Click Load Layouts > Prefabricated Layouts in the Backed Builder OR In the Visual Builder, open the settings bar and click the "+" and then click Prefabricated Layouts.

The Divi Theme Premade layouts are fully customizable.

Layouts | Predefined layouts for Divi themes

Divi-layouts to either browse or print Elegant Themes. All of us know that the Elegant Themes staff is a gifted group, so you won't be amazed when you see that the Divi layouts they've made look great. Using this suite of layouts for Divi alone, you can build almost any Divi website you need without having to sketch a thing.

Upload the latest Divi Layouts packages directly from your Divi Builders or your own game. Click the shortcut below each package to go to the Elegant Themes blogs posting for that package with more detail, plus demonstration videos and tutorials. Older layouts not contained in the Elegant Themes builder require you to go to the Elegant Themes website, type your e-mail address, and click the Get icon to view the download shortcut.

Devi Demo Zone | Devi Prefabricated Layouts - Devi Demo Zone

Divi WordPress themes now include a large number of ready-made Divi layouts that can be directly downloaded from Divi-Builder. Pre-installed DIVI LAYOUTS above are no longer all available, but there is a package inside the Builders named Layout which contains many of the layouts on the above demonstration pages.

Old elegant designs (FREE ELEGANT THEMES LAYOUTS) and third-party layouts still need to be loaded and added to your Divi libraries.

Layouts for Divi themes

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