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You can now spontaneously create beautiful buttons using the shortcut keys. Elegant themes come with great shortcodes. The Divi Shortcodes is a Divi plug-in that allows you to add a short code for each Divi module or layout in another module in the Divi theme. Within the Divi library, a new field called "Divi Shortcodes" is displayed in each available module, section, or layout. The Divi Shortcodes is a Divi plug-in that allows you to add a short code for each Divi module or layout in another module in the Divi theme.

Plugin Highlight - AC Shortcodes

Did you ever need to place a Divi-Modul or even a whole lay-out in another Divi-Module? Think of the ways in which you can place cards, blanks, counter, blur, testimonial or other moduls in another modul with a text editors. If you could place these moduls in your side bar, what would happen?

This is exactly what a third-party plug-in named AC Shortcodes does. Ayanize' AC Shortcodes plug-in transforms Divi cartridges into shortcodes so you can place them in another cartridge. Make a link to a discrete modul or design, and then insert that link into the text editors of a modul.

You can use it with Divi, Extra and any other design that uses the Divi Builder plug-in. Here we will take AC shortcuts for a Spin and see some of the things that can be done with it and see how simple it is to use. In this case the error disappears and you can now use AC short circuits.

The Divi submenu in the Diveboard adds a new submenu point (go to Dive, Divi, AC Shortcodes). When you click it, the AC Shortcodes pull-down menu opens, where you can generate shortcodes. All shortcodes you have generated are displayed here in the dropdown box. In order to generate a new short code, click on the Create a Short Code button.

You will then be taken to an authoring tool where you can select whether you want to use the Divi Builder or not. You will find the speed dial on the right side. They can be copied and pasted into the contents of another one. Just use Divi Builder to design a design and click Design to store it. As soon as you have your shortcodes in place, you will see them in the drop-down box in the Dashboard drop-down box.

Allows you to copy, modify and erase the short code for insertion into your clip. Shortcodes can be used within the Divi Builder module, in the default WordPress editors (when using Divi or Extra), or in text widgets if Divi or Extra is required. In my example I create a default Divi Blogs page with a full width headers.

I' ve done a grade wallpaper for the section. My intention is to substitute the default head with a new head by using a module that normally cannot be placed inside the head area. That is the lay-out of the sortcode. There are the Map, Gallery and Call to action module as well as a fullwidth menu in a fullwidth section.

I made the backgrounds translucent so that the page itself would show the style, and I gave the Fullwidth Menu engine a history backdrop that would appear above the page's style. Inside the page there is a text modul where I placed the short code and a blog modul. Tabs is one of the simplest to understand how shortcodes work.

Typically, the Tabs panel allows you to place any kind of contents on a tabsheet that you can place in an editor. If you wanted to place cards, contacts, CTA's or other Divi moduls, what would you do? I' ve generated several shortcodes of moduls and inserted each one into a seperate tabs.

Several of the moduls have their own wallpaper designs. Each module shows the same characteristics that I designed for it. Indicates a blogs posting on this page. I used the slope wallpaper for the page, but none for the blogshortcode. Every one of the tabbed pages has its own unique backdrop colour and style as they are independent of each other.

They can even make full laysouts to view as shortcodes. A special section with picture, blogs, portfolios and contacts is used for this area. I placed it on the Map page. Here is a look at the store modul within a register card. The use of tabbed moduls would open some possibilities to view information, templates, CTAs and much more.

Shortcodes can also be used in your side bars by inserting them into a text widget. Here, you can also use them in youridebars. In order to refresh the short code, just download it from the AC Shortcodes and make your changes. Changes are taken into account wherever the short code is used. For this example, I deleted the wallpaper I had added to the section in the mosaic.

I have added some more Widget with moduls in the side bar. It is one of my favourite applications for AC Shortcodes to place them in WooCommerce products pages. I have placed a shortcut for a slide control with two sliders in the section entitled Produktbeschreibung. In this example I added a text modul containing a text modul and a gallerymodule to the brief text of the article.

Here is a look at the tab in Extra modul. It uses the shortcut side bar in several text widgets in order to show the maps and contacts forms moduls. Here is the card modul with the Divi Builders plug-in with the Twenty Seventeen design. Actually, this is a tabulator short version that contains a short version of a map.

One short code within one short code. Sidebar shortcodes only work when using the Divi or Special Thread. Short codes must also be placed within a Divi Builder modul unless you are using Divi or Extras. With the Divi Builders plug-in, the AC Shortcodes appears under Appearance in the dashboard. You can find the dokumentation in the AC Shortcodes menue.

There are four tab pages on the left: To the right are a few buttons to watch a movie and a blogsite. The AC Shortcodes include an indefinite licence. Divi module shortcodes within other Divi module and Sidebar applications open up a new dimension of creative options. Some of the samples I made in this plug-in feature are just scratches on the interface.

It' s simple to use, requires only Divi Builders capabilities and the possibility to copy and insert a short code. When you are interested in extending the benefits of Divi cartridges, AC Shortcodes is definitely a good place to look. Did you try AC shortcodes?

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