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This is how you are adding ticket support to Divis' free Layout Pack software A new and free Divi-Layout package is available every weekend that you can use for your next work. For every package, we also offer a Use Case to help you take your website to the next step. As part of our current Divi Desing initiatives, this weeks we'll show you how to get support for Divi's free SaaS layouts package.

You can use our ticketing support to answer all your customers' queries about the various types of customer support you provide. First thing that is added to the website is a support icon in the lower right hand side of the display. Click ing this icon to track your traffic throughout the site so they can get support at any point.

One more thing that is added is the support page, where users can browse for available issues or build a new issue that fits a specific categorie. For administrators of the website the support page looks like this: Upload the layout package and import the SaaS_All. juon into your Divi themes libraries.

New pages can be created for each page of your website. Generate your main submenu. When you are baffled by the above set-up, you will find step-by-step directions for setting up your layouts correctly by going through these 10 easy to follow procedures for using a package of layouts for your new work. First thing you need to do is get the free µCare plug-in that you can find on the following page.

If you click on the dowload link, the ziped plug-in directory will be added to your dowload directory by default. As soon as you have the uCare plug-in installed, go to your WordPress website > plug-ins > Add New and upload the plugin. After uploading the plug-in, make sure that you also enable the plug-in.

As soon as you have added and enabled the free uCare plug-in, a support page with the contents of the plug-in will be generated for you. Though this page is already available via the support buttons in the lower right hand side of each page, it is strongly advised to add the support page to the main menue as well.

In order to include the support page in your main menus, go to Appearance > Menus. Then choose the support page and include it in your main menus. Now you can begin to customize the plug-in to your needs. First, in the uCare plug-in preferences, apply your own logotype by going to uCare Support > Preferences.

Without extra JavaScript, most plug-in options are not editable. And if you want a different type face with a different type face, you can choose the primary and subordinate fonts in the contents fields highlighted at the bottom of the printing canvas. One more thing you can do is to adapt the colour scheme of your plug-in to the look and feel of your website.

Select the colours yourself by using a colour selection dialog on your website or by using the following colours that correspond to the package layout: It is the wallpaper that is displayed when a visitor logs in or registers on the support page. In the following example, the picture I selected is part of the SaaS layouts package.

Once you have added the SaaS Layouts package to your Divi website, this picture will be added to your media libraryutomatically. In order to be able to access the support page, each of your users needs an area. When you want to add new e-mail template, you can modify the user notification template in your plug-in under uCare Support > Preferences > E-mail.

Next part of establishing ticketing support for your SaaS layouts package is selecting ticketing classes. While there is a general section, you may want to include other sections that fit your specific needs. After selecting the required classes, you can easily append them by going to uCare Support > Ticketing Classes > Append each of the ticketing classes.

By accessing the support page with an administrator login, you can see all your ticket statuses as you can see on the printing page below. But when a user visits your site, they must either register a new user or sign in with an already registered one.

As soon as you have signed in, the following support page will appear: Simply click on'Create Ticket' in the upper right hand corners to add a new one. Your ticketing needs a theme, a theme, a description and can also contain pictures. In order to see all your WordPress dashboards, go to uCare Support > Support tickets.

As soon as you have opened a ticketing, you can allocate it to one of your agent or yourself. You can also modify the state of your tickets. And, if the ticketing needs extra care, you can also modify the precedence of your ticketing. This article shows you how to extend your free Divi SaaS website by adding ticketing support.

The addition of ticketing support to your website will help you improve your customers' experience by enabling them to ask your website queries at any point.

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