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Includes Divi Tutorials, Layout Kits, Snippets, Podcasts & Tips for Designers, Freelancers & Entrepreneurs Recognised as an on-line trading strategist, Geno is an authoritative part of Elegant Themes' Divi Page Builder Frameworks and a trailblazer in the Divi Product Ecosystem. An experienced strategy consultant with extensive experience in the areas of distribution, accounting, marketing, web design & development and new product development. Geno started its first consulting service in 2012 to help companies and non-profit organizations become more streamlined and productive in their back-office operations and system.

He started the Divi Tutorials Blog in 2014 and began advising other web design professionals and development engineers on the development of the Divi themed framework. Geno Monterey Premier established a web design agency & Divi Third Party Product Marketplace in 2015. Currently the visionary director of Monterey Premier, he will continue to offer free Divi tutorials, online courses, and create Premium Divi Child themes and plug-ins available on the Divi Marketplace on Monterey Premier.

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Use the Featured Image Admin thin plug-in to insert Divi Layer miniatures. If you want to insert a miniature image for each "of your stored layouts" in the Divi Builders, you can use the free Featured Image Admin thin plug-in. Has the last fix destroyed your Divi page? Added a fixed filename creation system for the Divi builder, Divi topic options, and Divi topic customization mode to Divi topic 52 (updated June 28, 2017).

Quit tracking the vanishing setting panel of the Visual Builder Desktop and double-click it. If you use the frontend builders in Divi, the preferences panel for your section, line, or (usually) modules may vanish before you have a possibility to click on it. All you need to know about the Divi Slider modules "Sliders can be placed anywhere, across the entire width of each columns tree.

The Divi -Slider supports para-lax background and videos..... "*How do I bring Divi layouts to my website? Ever since the start of Divi 2. There was a modification in the handling of Divi layouts and thus also the possibilities to implement Divi layout imports.

Layouts are..... Using pictures or symbols between your page portions is a good way to open the page and bring a hint of additional detail to make your website stand out from the masses. This free of charge design is available with different....

Would you like to include a Divi Contacts forms engine in your side bar? It' quite simple by inserting the shortcut Divi created into a text widget in your Sidebar. Watch the below movie to see how it works. While I wanted to refresh the look of the Divi plugins page, I realized that refreshing the user-defined theme in one of my plugins would mean doing the same thing in all the others.

Please do not use this approach any more with recent Divi releases - 2. 7+ - See Dani Dwiputra's comments below for update** There are many ways to include Google scripts to your Divi website, but most will not allow you to include these scripts in your Divi..... User -defined Divi circular meters with user -defined style sheet (CSS) The circular meter below has been adapted with style sheet (CSS) in the modular preferences and only takes a few seconds to be created with free on-line tool.

What can I do to balance the height of the Divi gaps? Bringing your colums to even highs in your Divi topic is pretty easy, but there is one frequent error that makes folks seem to make, which leads to unevenly spaced hights. Where can I upgrade my Divi themed? Elegant Themes' development staff continuously maintains and improves the Divi Topic so that it can be updated as needed.

Well, I heard you ask... "How do I upgrade my divi...". How big is the pixels of the Divi-sign? Standard DIVI icon that you see on the Divi Demos page is Add ing a custom icon to Divi themes Add your own icon in Divi themes options Preferences and the icon preference is the very first preference.....

If you want all your accordion elements to be shut by default, you can use this workaround approach. It works without jQuery or additional programming and just add an additional Accordion.....

In this Elegant videotutorial, you'll find out how to use the Divi Header & Navigation Options..... In this Elegant videotutorial, you will find out how to use the Diviudio player engine..... Watch this Elegant videotutorial to find out how to use the Divi-accordion module..... Watch this Elegant Themes online videos to see how to use Divi to build a one-page website.

Upgrade - You can now get a free 1 page Divi Kind 1 page..... Watch this Elegant Themes movie to see how to get a WordPress plug-in installed. Watch this Elegant Themes introductory videotutorial to the Divi movie game.

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