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More than 140 stunning Divi layouts now available directly in Divi-Builder. Now we bring Divi an unbelievable value in the shape of over 140 gorgeously crafted ready-made layout files that you can search and upload to your site without ever having to leave Divi Builder. Those laysouts are organised into full website packages that allow you to quickly launch your next website, and they are full of beautiful genuine photos and artwork that you can use for all your business use.

We also add new layout every time! Now, every Divi fan has immediate control over a myriad of premium themes and themes right in Divi Builder. Divi-layout are organised into full website packages, each package containing 7 to 8 custom pages suitable for each website model.

The packages are created in a one-of-a-kind and coherent way that can be adapted to your needs. You can now search and search all of Divi's stunning page packages in the Builders. To see a listing of the pertinent page packages, click the appropriate package and click any package to see all the page designs it contains.

As soon as you find a page that you want to use, you can import it directly into your page, where the look and feel can be adjusted slightly. Featuring over 140 currently available page styles, Divi provides a wide range of pre-built pages to get your site up and running right away. We' ve put a great deal of work into creating world-class looks that we are really proud of, and we are optimistic to say that Divi's ready-made page skins are the best in the outfit.

What makes our layouts packages so special is the fact that they are full of fancy photographs and customized artwork produced by our own in-house creative staff. In our Divi layouts packages you won't find any flashy archive pictures! In addition, we have made all our photographs and artwork open sources so that you can use them without license limitations for all your business use.

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