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Use the Divi Theme & Module Customizer. a href="https://www.elegantthemes.com/documentation/developers/divi-module/">Divi module: Depth of In

All you need to know about building customized Divi Builders software engines. The documentation for areas of the Divi code base that are important for third-party use. Find out more about Divi's most commonly used hook actions and filters. Find out how to set up a locally based developer workspace. Understand how to build a customized Divi Builder cartridge.

Describes how to show or hide certain preferences, based on the value of other preferences. How to set up the switching groups is described in the modules preferences section titled Modulal. Find out more about the hook available in Divis templates. Find out how to change your modular preferences with Divi.

Understand how to create user-defined HTML pages for your own modular style sheets. Make your exisiting user-defined moduls compliant with the latest Divi Builder release. Find out more about the advanced field type for modular setting.

A href= "https://www.elegantthemes.com/documentation/extra/basics-extra/">The fundamentals

Customize your categories with Extra's pull and drag categories building tool. The installation of our designs is child's play with the WordPress Dashboard theme installer. Get to know the fundamentals of the topic in this full featured videos. You can use the Categorie builder to build customized layout for each section of the post. You can change all of Extra's default settings in the Topic Option pane.

You can customize almost any part of Extra's look with the themes customizer. Tagged postings are a great way to consolidated postings into a smaller area so you can navigate through category. It shows contributions in a classical "Blog Style" listing or in a brick. View a base feedback stream with articles from certain category, ordered by different ways.

Show a listing of contributions in a horizontally scrollable bar that can be switched through by your users. Displays your post lists in the shape of squares on a brickwork. Featured Post Cleaner is a large slide control designed to emphasize your best or latest postings.

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