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The Serene is a really nice blogging theme with post format support. Elegance of the design results from the simple and generous design. Free download Divi Theme Layouts from Elegant Themes. Elegant Themes has created these official Divi layouts for their customers.

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Really a nice blogs topic with posting size assistance. The Serene is a really nice blogs topic with posting formats supporting. Simplicity and generosity of the designs are the key to their elegantness. Browse through the subject is simple for the eye and the spirit, each new contribution comes like a whiff of clean breeze.

The Serene is a sleek, contemporary designer that is focused on simplicity. Our goal was to make a blogs topic that would be a joy to look at. We use proven encoding techniques to make sure our themes are quick and safe. All our topics are conform to L3C and are subject to regular safety auditing. All our topics are designed to be interoperable with the most common web browser.

At Serene, we support 6 different mail types, among them: Articles, Offer, Video, Audio, Gallery and Link. You can now build a truly appealing blogs with nice posting variants. Featuring themed customizers and custom color options, the options are limitless! Customize the overall layout - You can customize the theme's enclosure color using the Customize themes customizer.

When the design is activated, click the Appearances > Customizing button to open the Customizing option. In the " Topic Setting " section, you can change the colour of the highlighting. Customize your mail colours - You can also customize the fonts and backgrounds of each message you make. If you are creating a new article, you will find the "Post Settings" field below the text editors.

This is where you see the option for "Background Color" and "Insert Text Color". "If you select a deep backdrop colour, you should change your Text Colour to Bright. In the following article, for example, we changed the backgroundproofing colour to #507c90 and the posttext colour to "Light".

"1 "1. default - A default blogs article contains no items other than the postal text and an illustration. Set a head picture via the field "Featured Image" under "Set featured images". "Movie - When the movie type is chosen, a movie is inserted into the headers of the posts and plays when the user hits the playback button.

In order to include a contribution, choose the "Video" option and then just include a Youtube or Vimeo links in your contribution. Your topic will copy and paste your first favorite movie into the headline. Sounds - When the sound encoding is checked, the posting will display a user-defined sound playing device capable of playing a singular sound signal.

In order to make an audiovisual contribution, choose the mail formats "Audio" and then use the links "Add Media" above the mail editors to include an audiovisual document in your contribution. Topic uses only the first sound track in your message included in the message headers. Quotation - The quotation mail form will take the first quotation from your contribution and show it in the head of your contribution.

In order to make an offer contribution, choose the postal form "offer" and insert a "block offer" into your contribution. Your first citation in the headline of your article will be used. Galerie - A Galerie contribution displays a Galerie of pictures within a slide bar at the top of your contribution.

In order to make a contribution to the Galerie, choose the "Gallery" postal style and then use the "Add Media" icon above the Mail Box to insert a new Galerie into your contribution. Your first added galleries will be used in the headline of your posts as well. Left - A left mail is used to share a left, and it displays your link/link caption at the top of the posting.

In order to make a mail with links, choose the mail form "Link" and then insert a new links to the mailbox. Your first hyperlink in your message will be dragged into the headline and displayed. After opening, browse to the section "Theme Settings" and enter theURL options for each of the profiles.

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