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Sixteen samples of eCommerce sites created with Divi. It is no mystery that e-commerce is a big store on the web, and like any on-line store on-line stores need sites that are well crafted and distinguish themselves from the masses. Luckily, there are many eCommerce sites on the web to give you inspirations for your own design, and many of these sites are created with Divi.

Here is the 16 sample eCommerce web pages created with Divi. However, since many web pages contain hyperlinks to outside businesses, I have only incorporated web pages where payment and delivery method have been incorporated into the web page. Though it was not a request, these pages use WooCommerce as their eCommerce solutions. They' re a great way to get inspired by layouts, navigations, color, images, type, shop and more.

This homepage contains a heroic picture with Parallaxe, a welcome area with text and pictures in the raster, large pictures, an info area, various store option buttons, a quotation from the firm, contributions from Instagram and a personal information sheet. Featuring just a few items, the store site is easy and neat while offering a variety of shopping opportunities, such as custom handbags and subscription.

On the homepage there is a big heroic picture with a hyperlink to the store and a pending Better Business Bureau logo, many quotations, pictures with hyper-music and links to each of the store catagories, registration for the newsletters and a feedbackformular. Every of the four store catagories has its own hyperlink within the menue.

WooCommerce accounts page hyperlinks can be found in the top left corner of the page. Divi Builders are used within the Divi Builders description. Amara Studio develops and markets wooden cookware used for cuisine. This homepage is a full-screen slide with a Hamburg meal that opens on the right side of the page.

At the bottom of the page is a translucent bottom line with a web design and instagram shortcut. Pages of the categories use animated superimpositions with device name. The website is a great example of how a website can be both easy and elegant. At Nualgi we sell a wide range of fish tanks for all your needs.

On the homepage you will find a heroic picture with hyperlinks to different topics such as category, presented items, experience reports, information slideshows, case histories, etc. Pages with information on the various types of batteries contain charts within the description. Sweet Cecilys is a naturally occurring personal ized personaliser. On the homepage there are hyperlinks to the different pages of the store, dispatch information with Parallaxe, a section for the Instagram food which contains a followed buttons and an e-mail registration sheet.

You can use the Share button on the dashboard. This homepage contains pictures with hyperlinks to the different collection and slider with hyperlinks to the different pages. Items open within a modular browser screen and not within a single page. Style Guide page contains full-width full-width motion graphics and bestseller link.

This news page contains the latest news from the Tumblr news as well as from the post. The Claret Islands is a handmade business with small winemakers. On the homepage there is a heroic picture with para -laxe, information about upcoming shows, promotions, the latest product news, a store shortcut and a section with symbols of all the different makes they are selling.

Our store page contains side bar category and various sort order choices to help you make your choice. Our About Us page contains a lattice with alternate pictures and text. Pink Paper is a store that produces personalised stationery. On the homepage there are hyperlinks to all store types within the menus, a slide control, hyperlinks to several items, a credential slide control and softwares.

Our pages contain all drop-down box and text field personalization settings for your individualization. This website uses elegant typefaces and colours that correspond to the corporate brand. The Dugan and Dame is a small store that makes its own range of beverages, oil and herbs. It has a heroic picture with the Parallaxe emblem, link to various items and an e-mail registration page.

Click on the store button in the left hand side menue for full width category listing of the various types of merchandise. You can use the Share button on the dashboard. Viktoria Alexis is a jewellery and accessory store that focuses on elegant collection, unique pieces and kits. This homepage contains all store catagories with the menue.

There is a slide control, link to the presented store areas, a tabbed section for current, presented, and best-selling items, and a specific bottom line that reminds of major businesses such as Amazon with About Us section (including User Agreement, Partner Programme, Data Protection Statement, etc.), Store, Customer Care (account information), and a small section about the business.

It is a neat website with a strong emphasis on simple page layout, elegant colours, wallpapers and appropriate typefaces. Homepage contains a slide control with link to store, presented product, owner's notice, slide control with link to product presentation medium, testimonial slide control, stylized e-mail registration with picture wallpaper and contacts and social information.

On the homepage there is a slide control with hyperlinks to the store, a descriptive movie of the brand, a hyperlink to new presented brands, information about the brand with parallel axes, soft keys and navigational hyperlinks. The TU Bebebox is a giftshop for mother and baby. On the homepage there is a picture of the heroes, as well as hyperlinks to the different store types, different pages, different types of items, different types of medias in which the website was presented and a personal feedback page.

WooCommerce accounts page hyperlinks appear in the top menus. Our Menue-Blink Store contains hyperlinks to all our products. This website contains a large use of brand colours that lead to the products pages. It uses a one-page web site theme that contains a heroic picture, customer symbols, information about the site, price information, how it works, page references, testimonials, FAQs and contacts.

They use Fancy Device Designers with WooCommerce so clients can create their own designs. The Doodad and Fandango label is a popular arts and crafts label that manufactures handmade items. On the homepage there are motion graphicsliders, information about the enterprise, a productslider, link to different category of our current range of goods with motion pictures and a bottom line menue.

You will find a few pages in the upper menue. This website uses many animated images of our own brand - often a part of an individual picture is animated. At The Bro Basket we create and sell men's hampers and gifts. On the homepage there is a heroic picture with hyperlinks to various types of merchandise, presented items and a section about the company's missions.

There are many purchase hints on the blogs, while the menus show the store category. There are also several hyperlinks in the top menue. The 16 e-commerce website samples that have been generated with Divi show that Divi can readily deal with sites that have been generated for on-line use. When you need ideas for designing an eCommerce website, they will surely awaken your creative power.

Which are some of your favourite items of these Divi eCommerce pages?

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