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The eStore offers an elegant solution for those who want to sell products online. Readme Readme eStore Topic Sign up and search for the topic you want in the dropdown and click on the "Download" button. You have two choices to download: Topic pack and PSD files. Please click on the Topic Pack links to dowload the topic. The next step is to use the WordPress Dashboard to load the zipped files you just uploaded to your website.

Sign in to wp-admin and click on the Appearances > Themes tab. Then click on the "Install Topics" icon and then on the "Upload" shortcut. "Once the design is loaded, you can enable it from the Appearances > Themes page. If you are posting or creating a WooCommerce item, you will see a set of choices under the text box called ET Settings.

A picture can be uploaded by pressing the "Upload picture" icon next to each one. As soon as you have uploaded the picture, copy and paste the pictureURL into the field. It is also possible to create a seperate miniature view picture for feature articles, which is shown on the slide bar of the homepage. The ET Settings dialog displays a seperate miniature view window for the presented miniatures.

On the ePanel Topic page, you can set up your own ePanel topic in your WordPress Dashboard. In ePanel, on the General Settings > General Tab, find the Logon box. Enter the full name of the company to which you want to add your company in the box below. If you have not already done so, you can use the "Upload image" icon below the box to do so.

Once installed, copy and paste your ePanel filename into the box and click the " Store " button to store your ePanel preferences. In case you don't have a picture of the company you can use the provided company logos. pdf document as a base. You can find these directories (logo. click here for logos and logo_blank.png) in the themes packages in the /psd/ directory.

eStore itself does not contain any e-commerce functions. Instead, we have tried to make our design interoperable with some already available and widely used plug-ins. If you don't build the topic around a particular e-commerce trading site, it will also be much simpler for the topic to use it with a variety of plug-ins.

The WooCommerce (recommended!) - WooCommerce is the plug-in we suggest with eStore because it has the best functionality, the best interfaces and the best programming best practice. Once you have activated the plug-in, you will see a new WooCommerce and the "Products" section has been added to your WordPress Dashboard. In these areas you can customize your eCommerce preferences and post new items.

This plug-in uses the pricing information from the ET preferences specified for each entry, and the "ADD TO CART" pushbutton on each entry page also works automatic. The only thing you need to do is reconfigure the plugin's default configuration and you're ready to go. What do I have to do to adjust the slide control on the homepage?

Use of WooCommerce products: Use WooCommerce as your eCommerce plug-in to fill the presented slide bar with items from a specific group. Choose the required feature categorie from the drop-down list "Featured Category" on the register card Settings > eStore Topme Options > Featureslider. Latest items from this categorie are displayed in your featurelider.

With PayPal shopping cart: The presented slide control can be configured in two different ways. Either you can fill the index cards with pages or with contributions from a specific group. You will see an item labeled "Use Pages" on the Appearances page > eStore Thread Options in the wp-admin, under the General Settings page > Featureslider.

To use pages, just choose "Use pages" and then under the options choose which pages you want to show in the slide bar. When you are not using pages, just choose the featured categories from the drop-down list and contributions from that categories will be added to the slide bar.

What do I do to configure the slide control "Deals of the day" on the homepage? With WooCommerce:WooCommerce, WooCommerce will display items that are listed as featureured here. In order to "introduce" a particular item, click on the Produtcs > Produtcs button in your WordPress Dashboard. Then select the checked item "Featured" and click Update. You can now find this item in the section Deliveries Of The day on the homepage.

You should increase the overall number of displayed items in increments of 4 as 4 items are displayed. Easy PayPal Shopping Cart: These items come from a particular categorie that you specify in the Options Available > eStore them. On the General Settings > Homepage page, you will see a drop-down list where you can select which categories to use for your day-to-day business.

There is also a box where you can select how many elements to include in the slide bar. The best way is to select steps of 4, since 4 foils are shown for each slide cylinder every revolution. When you use WooCommerce, the pricing preferences are stored in the WooCommerce preferences when you publish your work.

Easy PayPal Shopping Cart: When you contribute, you will see a number of choices under the text editors called ET Settings. It is also possible to modify the symbol used on the page Settings > eStore Thermal Solutions. The design was developed to be used with the new Nav menu system launched in WordPress 3.0.

For WordPress 3.0 users, you can adjust your navigational toolbar using the Appearances > Menus page in wp-admin. This are the very brief, 2-3 verbal blues that appear grey under the bigger blank heading of the group. On the Appearances > Menus page, click the "Screen Options" button at the top of your desktop.

" You should fill this out for all your categorie-navigationlinks. When you start from the ground up and install Nova on a WordPress blogs that has no contents (posts, pages, folders, etc.), you can easily upload our example datafile that fills your new WorPress blogs with "dummy contents".

Rather than following the above directions, some folks choose to just load the example files first and then substitute the contents of the doll with their own. The example datafile comes with all themes and is in your themes directory here: sampledata/sample.xml. Be sure to select the "Import panel settings" option when importing.

Each of our themes comes with a set of page layouts that can be used for a wide range of uses. If you are editing a page in wp-admin, you will see a drop-down list for styles to the right of the text editors. As soon as a page templating has been chosen, further preferences appear in the ET Page templates preferences dialog below the drop-down list.

You should configure these options to achieve the results you want, as described in this movie tour. Your design is updated via the WordPress Dashboard, just like any other design. Please click here to get the ZIP-file and click Plugins > Create New to create your WordPress Dashboard.

After it is up and running, browse to the Settings > General page and browse to the bottom of the page. Now you can upgrade your design when a new release is published from the Dashboard > Updates page or Appearances > Themes page.

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