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The Evolution is our first fully responsive design. The special thing about this topic is the ability to adapt to different screen sizes. The Evolution is a premium WordPress theme created by Elegant Themes.

The Evolution WordPress response topic

The Evolution is our first fully reactive product. Something really unique is the capability to adjust to different display heights. The Evolution has 4 different laysouts, all designed to enhance the users surfing on mobiles and tables. You no longer need to magnify and scale to see your website, as the theme's lay-out adapts to the small size of the display and your contents are automatic and easy to use.

Simply try to reduce the windowsize of your web browsers when you see a topic thumbnail to see the spell in play! Topics are constantly refreshed to be compatible with the latest WordPress release. Being a member you have free acces to all topic up-dates. We use proven encoding techniques to make sure our themes are quick and safe.

All our topics are conform to L3C and are subject to regular safety auditing. Some of our topics are not always free, but our premiums offer a standard of excellence. All our topics are designed to be interoperable with the most common web browser. Our topics have all been localised for ease of use. Each topic includes sentences of .mo and .po data that can be used to compile the topic, which means you don't have to waste your PHP work time.

The Evolution comes with four distinct colour patterns to make sure there is a look to suit your needs.

evolutionary characteristics

The Evolution is a sleek, classical style, but with a certain turn; it is our first fully appealing style. Something really unique about this topic is the possibility to spontaneously adjust to different monitor screens without using a particular type of recognition and without having to reload the page. There are four different themes, each of which is activated at a particular size of windows.

Viewing on a cell telephone or tray, the styling deteriorates gracefully and even changes when the unit is switched between vertical and horizontal. In order to see the changes in effect, simply try to reduce the width of your browser's pane when you look at the look. Evolution offers four different colours to select from, among them white, blue, green and red.

To change between these different colours at any given moment, click on the ePanel topic option page. Evolution offers four different designs - four different laysouts, each available to your user depending on their monitor area. Every page has been customized to make your site more user-friendly on smaller displays.

Enhanced Visitor experience - When using Evolution, there is no need to use third-party plug-ins or alternative designs. The Evolution will present itself excellently on smaller monitors due to its responsiveness. In fact, it even changes when the telephone or tray is switched between vertical and horizontal by using CSS3 prompts.

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