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Introducing the additional topic So what is the extra? First thing you need to know about Extra is that it is based on a sound base, our Divi Builders. Divi Builders allows you to visualize nice and one-of-a-kind mail and page layout without having to touch a line of coding. This gives everyone the opportunity to easily build truly vibrant web sites.

Extra was designed as a companion piece to the Divi topic in many ways. Special does the things Divi was never made for. Attractive, multifaceted, magazine-like layout covering a wide range of blog and on-line publication content is Extra's strength. Rugged customisation features that enable uniquely elegant postfeeds with a strong emphasis on community interactions and retention are the second part of Extra.

Wherever Divi's main attention is on the page, Extra's main emphasis is on the postfeed. The Extra enhances its Divi Builders base with a fresh suite of post-based tools. This module brings the extended drag-and-drop capabilities of the Builders to your home and categorie pages. In summary, we call these new moduls the Categorie Builders.

Extra's Categorybuilder gives you unprecedented visibility over your home page and categories and allows you to rebuild them from scratch. In this way, you can move away from the default, pre-built categories pages and experience something special on a categories based foundation. Delivered with a new suite of Divi Builders module specifically designed for the needs of blogs and on-line publishing.

With these new moduls you can create a multitude of different homepage and categories-layout. You can now create a mail feeder that meets the needs of your individual contents. Currently, there are two major categories of module that you can use to view posts: By combining different columns and module structure, different categories and homepage design can be made.

No matter whether you run a private blogs or a giant on-line news website, Extra can be customized to your needs. The creation of a categorical layout is largely the same as the creation of a new page or posting. First you will navigate to Extra >> Categorie builder in your WordPress Dashboard.

The system displays a listing of your available category layouts. In order to make a new design, click the Add New pushbutton at the top of the page next to the name. Then use the Divi builder user surface to build your own layouts. You see a dialog with the name Categories in the row on the right, a dialog with the name Layoutnutzung and a dialog with the name Extra Settings.

You can use them to define when and where your page is to be displayed on the front end of your website and whether and how the side bar is to be displayed. Extra offers full additional functionality for two other important areas in supplement to the normal blogs: When you are a designee who wants to present your latest work, Extra makes it easy for you.

The integrated WooCommerce solution makes this extra simple. Add some sparkle to your reviews with Extra's customized rating system. There is an integrated user rating system, which allows the user of your website to also evaluate contributions.

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