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Dean Carr Photography is moving away from traditional extra design. Following you will find some good examples of beautiful websites created by our customers with our themes. For example, you can assign colors to different categories of posts. Twitter twitter. extra-theme demo.

wix. We' re proud to present some of the best magazine websites created with the added WordPress theme from Elegant Themes.

1. Spaceship Agora

The Extra is an outstanding topic for blog ging and magazine, but it is often eclipsed by Divi. The Divi is a great topic to build any kind of website that you can think of, but Extra has a few tips that could make it the topic of your choosing for posting large quantities of contents.

We will take a look at 9 surprising extra-theme examples in this paper that will certainly be inspiring. Trendship Agora uses a full width full width pattern with no sidebars. It uses a two-column lay-out with a small side bar. This site uses a lot of layouts and colors. Dean Carr Photography is moving away from extra designs.

A full picture, followed by a picture raster, blurring of service, customer logo, a small CTA over a large backdrop in parallel, 2 rows of blogs with a side bar, a 3-column blogs and presented wares. Contains a huge backstage dinner theme meal.

There is a post-slider, the last two full width contributions and then the most frequently watched and newest within a 2-column raster. The Catholic Viral shows the extra pattern with a darkgrey backdrop. There is a side bar in the page lay-out. Recent entries are shown in a slide bar followed by 3 sections to show the latest of All, the best of Wallpapers and the latest of Videos.

Messages are shown in tabbed pages, followed by blogs in 2 column. Product use the Extra style functions. The Divi Galerie keeps the additional look andfeel with the content area and sideline. Article are shown in a tagged postslider, followed by a browser window linking to the galleries page and blogs posted in two-column.

It has a sleek website designed to be easily navigated. The NFL Fan uses the Extra functions with a one-column blogspanel layout and a sideline. Headline shows the logotype that extends across the menus. Mail sliders display only the last entry, followed by the entries in a blogs individual columns.

Blogs YouDivi focus on blogs without sidebars and shows the latest contributions in a 3-column raster. There is a shade effect in the headers that sets them apart from the contents area and CTA. You see the bottom line when the Web site is scrolling and displaying contacts information.

Fave Cahill uses a uniquely designed head that features a number of different levels of parallel axis. Other parts of the layouts follow the usual extra pattern, but with a brown and pink colouring. Recent postings are displayed in a slide bar, followed by 3 column to show the latest album, tours and video.

The Dream Travel Magazine shows the latest articles in a slide control followed by a welcome area with two CTAs. Within 4 tabular mail moduls, each category is shown in two colums, a single-column mail slider, as well as a 3-column blogs section. Have a look at our Divi Sample Themes Blogs article to see some great sites created with the Divi themed.

This uses the additional features supplied with the blogsheet, a slide bar showing the latest posting, a 2-column weblog grids and a sideline. I placed some advertisements in the entire blogsayout. There is a huge menue for the latest postings. Every color is the one found in Bibles - cream for elegant papers, pink for reds, green for blacks, etc.

Well, this is a look at 9 examples (plus my own) of the extra topic in operation. A lot of sites that were created with Extra have similar functionality, but these 9 are different. It shows what Extra can do with a few easy optimizations of colour, layouts and styles. You are sure that they will give you some idea for your next extra website.

What is your favourite Extra website on this page?

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