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Creating an "expanding" CTA like Elegant Themes. Preview Divi fonts and examples. This is the easiest way to find the perfect fonts.

Update Divi Feature! Font options revised, better headline control and countless more text options

Today we have an astonishing Divi upgrade for you, packed with so many of the functions you requested, and so much more. We' re starting our all-new user experience today with 600 new fonts, enhanced fonts administration, user-defined fonts upload, new fonts, better weights control, fine-tuned fonts administration, headline layer selections, and tens of new text engine designs.

We' re going to quadruple the available Divi fonts from 200 to 800! As well as this statical 800 fonts listing, you can also include your Google API code in the Divi themme options, which update your fonts listing every day. Whenever a new Google fonts is added, it appears in Divi Builder as well!

The new fonts open up so many new ways to create breathtaking, original pages. Though this new fonts listing is vast, searching for the typeface you want is simpler than ever thanks to Divi's new fonts searching function. If you open the new Fonts drop-down box, you can just begin entering the name of the required fonts and the lists will be appropriatelyiltered.

Each time you use a typeface in Divi Builder, it will be added to the "Recent Fonts" drop-down box at the top of the Fonts drop-down menus. If you' re creating a page with user-defined fonts, your preferred fonts will always be where you want them, at the top of the fontsheet!

You do not have to memorize the name of the script or search through the menus. Searching for the right typeface is now much simpler thanks to our new previews system. While scrolling through the fonts in the new fonts drop-down menus, fonts are loading during hovering to give you a real-time view of the fonts before you choose them.

As well as the 800 fonts that come with Divi, you can also load your own customized fonts directly from within Builders. Just choose your. egot, . wof2, . woff, * wof, * or * or * or * file, give your script a name and you're done! You will see your new customized fonts in the Fonts drop-down box at the top of the screen.

Allows you to easily load, erase, and maintain your customized fonts without exiting the Builders or reloading the page. Added new typeface design features to all cartridges, such as small cap, strike-through, stroke -out, and stroke -out. And these new stores also have extra features that let you adjust the line items you add.

Every 800 fonts in the Divi range are dynamically selected for type size. If you choose a fonts, all available fonts will be uploaded to the new Fonts Netweight option, so you can choose anything from Ultra Thin to Ultra Bold. That gives you so much more power than before (Divi previously only capped two fonts: plain and bold).

Now you can customize theme style for each headline layer in Divi Builder by applying user-defined fonts, text size, and fonts H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6 separately. That makes user-defined headlines so much more useful and convenient when used within the Divi text engine.

It is also possible to customize the header layer used in each Divi-Modul. Modify the standard header of your H4 to H2 slider modules, or modify the standard header of your H1 slider modules from H2 to H1 so that you can better manage your page hierarchies for searching machines.

Divi Text Engine has a all-new tab for administering user-defined text style, which includes default paragraph and block quote page commands, listing commands, and anchors. You can now take full advantage of style management without having to add user-defined HTML or online CSS using the text editors. Now you can adjust your listing style in the Divi textbox.

Modify the fonts, fontstyle, textize, and textcolor. Adjust the listing control to match the listing format used. Now you can adjust your Ankerlink-stiles in the Divi textbox. Modify the fonts, fontstyle, textize, colour and much more. There is no need to use cascading CMS or add customized colours to each TinyMCE text editing hyperlink.

Now you can customise your block quota lifestyles in the Divi textbox. Modify the fonts, fontstyle, textize, colour and much more. Even set the standard edge weights and colors of the block quant.

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