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Top 20 free WordPress themes Like it is, I really wanted to present some really astonishing, nice and completely free WordPress themes, hoping to honor other great brains in the WordPress audience. But instead of just making another ordinary posting, I also wanted this posting to show some distinctions between free and paid topics that should be considered when looking for your ideal topic.

WordPress free themes are great! Because they' re free. Since WordPress is as well-loved as it is, you have quite a large choice of free themes to select from. The WordPress Topics List alone actually has over 2,600 free topics to select from. Featuring so many free themes to select from, you can try as many themes as you like until you find the one that' suits you best.

Despite what is commonly believed, some of these free topics come with some fairly good backing. But even with all these advantages, there are still some disadvantages with some of the themes that are available for downloading. Although some free themes have great appeal, you often get what you are paying for: nothing.

It can be a frustration if you have a question or encounter errors with the topic. Even a shortage of online assistance offers the other big disadvantage for this kind of topics. Keep a topic up to date with WordPress cores and just update it in general will take a while.

Whilst many design professionals design their themes with the best intention, they usually don't have enough spare moment to dedicate themselves to something that doesn't make them a living. Therefore, when looking for a free topic, it is important that you think about how old the topic is and when it was last refreshed.

Lots of free designs don't have many functions that can be used in the backend when creating a website. Free-of-charge topic professionals: Freeware Topic Cons: Although WordPress topics sounds like the best choice for you and your website, there are still some disadvantages to consider.

Often when hearing the term "premium topic" they think it's better, but that's not always the case. Each WordPress topic is different, so backend choices, themes features, and coding differ from topic to topic. Some designs, for example, make it simple to modify things like colors or fonts while others don't.

There may also be a lack of fellowship and sponsorship for these topics or membership fees. I have always been well handled here, and that is why I use their themes and commend them at every opportunity. Subjects usually range from the convenient $30 to the stunning $200 or more.

Yet, many incidental blogs and others who are just beginning in the on-line biz often find it difficult to warrant high fees for a topic(s) they may not want to use after buying it. Well, I don't want it to ring as if I'm going to focus on prime topics - not Jose!

Premier themes and themed stores have some important feature sets that usually make them jump ahead of many free themes on the shelves. Topics of high quality often have more feature and functionality than the latter, and the prize is not always such a disadvantage. In addition, all your themes are equipped with the same ePanel, so you don't have to change with each new one.

Topic professionals: Premier Topic Cons: So far we have both free and premier themes included, but did you know that there is a third one? WordPress is there, and it is certain that many WordPress people will like it. Freedom? Yeah, you got it right - Fremium. Of course, the term is a mixture of the words Free and premium, but what exactly does that mean?

Actually, it's quite fantastic. An Freemium topic is the best of both worlds: It is a free topic (usually) from a premier themed store. You not only get a free topic, but also a free topic from a place that offers assistance and periodic updating on this topic.

These free themes will often still be available on feature list, and don't always have exactly the same amount of assistance as a paid topic, but you get the assurance that you can't get away with another free one. Freemium topics, in a nutshell, are stunning! Having searched the Internet for some really great WordPress topics, we were able to limit our top picks.

Nearly all the topics you will find on the listing are free-memium topics, but with a few exclusions. The Serene is a fast-reacting blogs topic that combines powerful with simple. Its design allows you to create a new backdrop colour for a posting after Mail, and it support 6 user-defined mail types: Articles, Videos, Audio, Galleries, Offers and Links.

It is an astonishing topic that would be perfectly suited for a "content first" kind of blogs. Arcade Basics simply seemed too beautiful not to be recorded. The Arcade is free, but its features are still somewhat restricted. Try this base release and if you fell in love with it, you can update to the free one.

Snowsnaps is a Portfoliostyle topic from WordPress Themenshop, Graph Paper Press. Obviously, for a clear topic, this comes out willing to stalk his material. Not only is it a fully reactive design, it also offers a range of adjustment choices and free lifelong updating. Although it is a topic that seems best suited for a professional photographer as well as a graphics artist, the topic contains 7 mail sizes, each of which can be designed to look pretty special.

Therefore, the topic can really work for any blogs you had in mind. Just let it work for you. Although it's not a premier store, I'm still very fond of FabThemes because they have the motto: Free to use; no jump codes. It' re comforting when a themed store presents everything like this.

Your Rivera topic could readily be termed a multi-purpose topic. Topic functions allow you to create a customized home page with 3 adjustable widths and a jQuery image slide control in full width (and appealing); it also has a full width folder lay-out - just in case you wonder. This topic attracted a lot of interest with almost 245,000 downloaded files and a score of five stars.

Hueman's topic is one of the most one-of-a-kind blogging/magazine-style topics in the WordPress directory. There' s just something about the mix of light colours and refreshing layouts that really makes this one. It' not only beautiful for the eye, but the functions within the topic are also long and impressive: fast reacting layouts, various side bar layouts, 4 footing Widgets, localization assistance, simple icon up-load and much more!

Also with this topic has been done, I am sure that the writer will make a full featured copy of the topic available in the near term to manage the financial assistance that undoubtedly comes with such a beloved topic. Meanwhile, this is a rather astonishing free topic that deserves to be mentioned.

The Moesia is probably one of the best free themes of 2014 that I have seen so far. Not only does it take into account this year's fashions - pallax scrolls and fat fonts - it also has a lot of option and might. They can use what they call blocs to create your own homepage; the WordPress Customizer lets you customize the colours, and it is 100% translatable.

Altogether, it's a rather sexual subject. Starters is an esthetically appealing one-page WordPress topic from the ThemeUm themed store with the gorgeous scroll effect of parallaxes, Google typefaces and a breathtaking folder design that will certainly attract some serious interest. Soon WooCommerce has ascended the rankings as the most beloved free e-commerce plug-in for WordPress user.

ThusCute Topic is a great choice for those with a small footprint who want to launch an on-line shop without the additional costs of purchasing a Topic. SoCute' s great thing about the WooCommerce topic is that although you have the choice to buy the free WooCommerce product, you can first try the free WooCommerce product to see if it is really valuable.

Although the free copy of the SoCute topic is restricted, it contains information to help you find your way through the topic. As you can see, the Colorlab crews have thought a great deal about making this topic attractive to the photographer. While it' a great topic for a photographer, the topic has a beautiful and neat blogstyle along with other functions like location, cross-browser support, and user-defined shortcuts to make it a great blogs topic in general.

Oh, and did I say that you are WooCommerece and Jigoshop compliant? All this is pretty impressing for a free topic. The WPExplorer has a long history of success in the production of great contents in its blogs and astonishing free themes. Your free subject, Thoughts, is one of my favourite motifs.

It' a very easy WordPress topic to share, well... your thoughts! Although it has no widgettized areas or side bars, the topic is appealing and does support 7 mail formats: All in all, the subject is neat with fat fonts and colours to really highlight things. There' s something so nice about simpleness, and the December topic is a good example of that.

It' s a great place for a fun yet appealing blogs. There is an apparent femininity to the subject, but a small section of style sheet could alter the colour schemes to the desired format. That topic has all the essential things to get you off with a beautiful blogs. Although WooThemes is a relatively new themed store, there has really been a crack.

They are not only the makers of the very popular WooCommerce plug-in, but they also have some fairly large free themes that are available to the outside worlds. Although the mystile topic may look a little stale, the topic actually has a great deal to say about it - especially if you look at it as a context.

The design offers you not only all functions of the WooCommerce plug-in (product pages, basket, check-out page, etc.), but also support several page templates: default, full width, archive, contacts page, site map, tag, time line and album. Thémes Kingdom produced some of my favourite themes on the WordPress franchise, among them this - the Widely themed.

Extensive topic allows you to create a beautiful picture that appears at the top of every posting and also accepts streaming videos. DW Timeline design is both breathtaking and original when it comes to appearance and design. It has a visual cover and a kind of lay-out that mirrors the Facebook time line that many have come to know and like.

Using the back-end topic settings makes it simple to load a logotype, modify the fonts, wallpaper and colours. This topic also gives you some versatility through 6 different mail formats: The DW Timeline is certainly a fresh addition to the WordPress thematic family. Like I said before, the Kingdom theme store creates some of my favourite free WordPress themes.

Danko was another of their topics that just had to be put on the docket. Admittedly, the subject provides more functions that are certainly important to any benefaction. While it has a neat block-style blogs look to keep your reader up to date, it is cross-browser compliant to ensure that your site can be displayed on the most favorite web browsers, and it has customized widgets that you can add to your page bar to allow you to view a Twitter streaming or current post.

Crocoblock Multi Web Design is probably one of the most powerfull free themes I've ever seen. Design is a children topic for the beloved Cherry Framework (also free), which means it's one jump ahead of WordPress best practice.

It' a fully reactive topic, supporting 6 mail formats, has over 80 shortcuts and is WooCommerce and Jigoshop enabled. Additional high performance functions includes simple customisation capabilities (font, infinite colour choices, logos and favoricon uploads, etc.), support for advanced graphics (SEO) and the WPML Multilingual Plug-in for linguistic translations.

Now, luckily it's free, so why not take a test ride? Flozo themes manage to combine light colours, fat type and structured background to make a really popular bizware. Its framed slide bar and homepage listing would make it easier for you to view your work and your blogs.

While the back end of the subject is quite straightforward, the styling is accurate and attractive. Although it's a box lay-out subject, Flozo still has that certain something that makes you stand out. The Solon themes of aThemes have definitely earned a place on our mailing lists with the themes of fat fonts and colours.

So Solon will take your standard blogs topic layouts and spice them up a little with a light dash of colour in the headline and a contrast colour for the side bar to add a little extra depth and spice to the look and feeling of the topic. Altogether it is a rather elegant design, and free is not poor!

Colorlib's Sparkling Topic is about as near to a perfectly free blogs topic as possible. Colorlib's Colorlib staff has brought the concept of a free Themen topic to the point. Indeed, there are so many great functions on this subject that it was difficult for me to really limit myself to the best it had to say.

It is both fast reacting and retinal to ensure that the subject is completely pixels perfekt, and the slim styling will certainly suit almost anyone. Topic choices allow for simple changes to fonts and colours, so you can really make the topic your own without any programming skills.

Although the topic is free of charge, they still provide quite a bit of help to help you along the way. Free all the way to the stroke babe! This is the last topic in our Top 20 selection. In order to complete our listing, I wanted to introduce the Meet GavernWP topic from GavicPro. Developed based on the stunning GavernWP framework, Meet GavernWP is packed with functions that anyone can use.

It may look like an empty shale, but from a designer's point of view, this kind of subject is a fantasy. Easy twists of codes can turn this design into almost any kind of design, but you can get a great deal out of it without programming skills.

Topic comes with 7 template (archive, full width, full width, photo galleries, latest postings, log in and Tag Cloud), along with 5 postal format (by the way, quote, links, videos and images.) Quite handy, right? Do you have any thoughts on the subject?

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